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My Brother Abandoned Me When I Was 15

I was 15 yrs old when my parents died, my older brother was married to his second wife at the time and she was a royal *****. Her father owned a successful company so she was a rich daddys brat, she never liked our family because we were low income and we were not welcome to their house. So when my parents funerals were done and they were buried it came time to decide where I was going to stay at. Social Services stepped in and provided me with a caseworker she had my brother and I come to her office and talk to her about where I was going to be staying at til I turned 18 she asked me who I wanted to stay with and of course I said my brother. She asked me to step out and have my brother and his wife come in so I did. I sat in a chair right next to the door and I could hear everything they talking about, when the caseworker asked my brother if he could take care of me. He hesitated and said no tjat it be too much to handle and his wife said that they couldn't control me that I ran with the wrong crowd and that I was a "she really said this" hooligan. I was shocked by this and I wanted to burst in there and tear her apart but my brothers first wife showed up and calmed me down she offered to take in for awhile til I social services could figure where I could go. She didn't have to do this, she was taking care of her two kids that she had with my brother. So I ended up in a foster home a month later. I lost touch with my brother after he moved out of town.It's been 25 years since I have a great medical career, married to a beautiful wife with 3 awesome kids. I just found out where my brother lives, part of me wants to contact him and tell what he did was shameful and it hurt alot. But I wonder should I leave him alone and let bygones be bygones. Let me know what you would do thanks
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i'd say **** the bastard and his ***** and go on with your life you have a med career perhaps a doctor hell live it up man