I was abandoned by my new husband in the summer of 2010. We were traveling in my Toyota Dolphin through the Arizona desert. We stopped at a rest stop and I asked him if he would give me 5 minutes to smoke a cigarette. He said "no" and took off in my Toyota Dolphin. I bummed a smoke from someone and ended up hitching a ride with a man who took me to a trailer park. An elderly veteran lived there. He was nice to me and let me stay with him. One day, someone brought a case of beer over. I drank about 7 beers and then stood up and started singing Janis Joplin songs. I later hitched a ride to Tucson where I caught up with my husband. He sold my R.V. and ended up taking $15,000 from me. I was homeless for almost 3 years after that. Nice guy.
SorrowofHeart SorrowofHeart
56-60, F
Aug 15, 2014