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Sometime ago I lived in Australia. We had just moved there because of a promotion my father had received with the co. he worked for. The thought of moving halfway across world was a very exciting proposal to me and I just couldn't wait. New places, way of life and a new way of inventing myself, after all no one would know me as I was when I lived in the States. I was a goofy skinny little kid always trying to prove I was cool so I would fit in with the crowd. But alas you are who you are and I didn't find the streets paved with gold a crowds of people welcoming me as I pictured. I was an original geek. I loved science, math, social studies and almost anything else I could learn. I loved to surf and I lived right across from the beach so when I wasn't working on school work or chores I was surfing. The changes came easy to me be cause of my age, adapting is a little easier when you are a geek new adventures are scarier but the thrill of being scared is a very cool emotion. When I was entered into school this is where the real problem started. I was tested and placed into the 3rd forum which is about equivalent to the 10th grade here. I had skipped grades before so I didn't think much of it. Here again I fell into my old ways and had to prove how smart I was and the other students didn't like it. They took me for what I was which was a geek. I was picked on and beaten up a couple of times and this just what I had left behind and this wasn't going to get it. I talked to my parents and they were having a real bad time of making the adjustments themselves. Soon my mother had enough and returned to the States leaving my father to try to bring up a I know it all son and a rebellious daughter of 15. There were constant fights going on in the house between us kids and my dad. I can only guess he to gave up and returned. My sister and I were overjoyed of the fact that we could now do whatever we wanted and weren't going to ruin it by telling anyone. I just quit going to school and found a job working in a place called Bondi Junction in a store named Grace Brothers. I didn't make much but it was enough to live on if I spent my money right, my sister did the same. It worked fine for awhile but the wanderlust was just to much to bare. I saved up some money and told my sister I was moving north to a place I had just heard of called Surfers Paradise north of Brisbane. So I packed up what little clothes I had grabbed my board and headed north, once again looking for the streets paved of gold. I hitch hiked north and finally got there. I found a group of homeless surfer's and hung around them so I could learn the ways of the streets. It didn't take long because if you didn't you don't survive. I stayed there about 6 months and got lonely for my sister so I returned to Sydney to find her. I went to Bondi Beach and she was still there working in the junction. I stayed with her until I got my job back at Grace Bro.'s. This time the management was a little concerned about me, I was skinny before but I lost even more weight not eating so well up at the G.B.R. and contacted the cops. My sister heard about the cops looking for me and told me I had to hide if I wanted to stay. Our visa's had run out by this time and they were looking for me anyway. It took about a year before they found me and deported me back to the States with my sister soon to follow. Now some of you will say my father was wrong to leave us there and he was but he had his trial and tribulations too. I hated him for awhile but as I grew older and learned the ways of different religions ( I liked Zen Buddhism the most other than Christianity) I discovered the only way to find the inner peace I so longed for was inside myself and nobody could take it away from me. The only thing I could do is teach others where to find it. I searched out for my dad and he was my first student.

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How very inspiring, I am glad you had the courage to share this story with us.

I loved the story. thanks I hope things are better for you now!!

this would make an amazing film.

Blessings and Peace to you~

umm... whats inner peace?

i loved this story. i had my way of rough times at a very young age also. And thats how i made peace with myself and relieved the angry i had inside me.

That is an awesome story!! So did you ever go back to school and make use of that resource which today is recognized as cool and valued - geekness!!?? I hope that you are having a wonderful life! Your sister and parents too!! :-)

In my opinion if school doesn't suit you, you SHOULD get the hell out. Most school curricula are designed for the student of average intelligence and motivation, if not the student who answers to the description of the lowest common denominator. You can learn a HELL of a lot more on your own. In the States, encyclopedias are discarded. Get a set, read them, and you'll be more informed than most college graduates.<br />
<br />
When I was a kid, students didn't have to stay in school past the age of 16. I'm not sure even 16 is early enough to get rid of kids for whom school is not suited.<br />
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My father, thanks to my mother, died when I was 13. I immediately left home and I have never been sorry. I got an excellent education, because at the time (1960's), the most demanding higher-level institution of learning in the USA was University of California at Berkeley, and the tuition was VERY cheap, so anyone could work his/her way through.<br />
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Even though I ended up teaching (all levels: K-college) I readily admit that most schools are terrible places for children. The major subject taught is conformity, not thinking or even information. <br />
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You seem to feel that you were abandoned. I don't get that. It appears to me that YOU abandoned your father. And so what? Weren't you mature enough to make the decision? If you weren't, you should admit you made a poor decision, and learn from it. Instead, you seem to think that YOU can teach HIM. Looks more to me that HE taught YOU, by leaving you to your own devices. Good for dad!

If my parents left me at a foreign country I would just roam hungry and die. Yours is a great case of lemon to lemonade transition. Hell, it sounds like you were better off without them.

I hope you go back to school and get a good education, I wish learning came as easy for me! You have a lot to teach the world, but you need that piece of paper.<br />
Good luck!

How old were you two(sisters) when you first parted ways.

I'm with leb it would be a fantastic book indeed.

Wow, this is an amazing story. It's amazing to hear that you went through all of this and then managed to find your own peace and balance.

wow! that was a great story!<br />
i feel as though you should right a book about it!<br />
haha i would love to read it!<br />
I most deffiantly respect you for giving your father another chance. <br />
i wish the best for you now!

You are so right satire, that's why I went Wollongong, Melbourne, Brisbane, the outback, Surfers Paradise and everything in between to see what REAL Aussi's are like. One place I stayed was in the back of a milk bar owned by a Greek family. I worked in the store during the day and slept in the back at night. They fed me and took care of me at the very beginning of my stay. They also gave me a little money when it was time to leave. I have nothing but high regard for the Australian people, open hearted, caring and a proud nation. I had the chance to see Australia in it's real form. Most of my travels were by the kindness of strangers, I hitch hiked most of the way and was treated like one of their own countrymen. As for Sydney I for one loved it there, it's culture, mass transportation ( you can go from West Ryde to the beaches in no time at all ) the atmosphere of Bondi Beach was like nowhere else on earth. I'm not sure where you get the impression that the world see's Australia as Sydney but I politely disagree! When I was in Melbourne a friend and I stayed out a little to late and the trains and buses had stopped running for the day and we found ourselves without transportation. We started walking and a man driving a horse and cart delivering milk, he said he would give us a ride if we would help him on his route. So we took him up on his offer. I never saw such trust in all my life, people would put their money in the empty bottles and leave it on the stoop with a note asking the milk man what to leave. It was very enlightening that this kind of trust still existed in the world. I didn't want to leave, but with no parental guidance the gov. decided to return me home. This is why I shared the story, the Australian people were more kind to me than my own. I'm very proud to say I lived in Australia and will have a special place in my heart for the adventure of a life time.

So sick of people's concept of Australia!----SYDNEy!<br />
<br />
How many times do I have to say that Sydney is ONE city in Australia!<br />
<br />
There is so much more to see than SYDNEY!!...(Sorry, Sydney!!)

I was there in surfers about 1972 or so and yall are right, peace is the strength we all search for. Sometimes never achieved, it's so sad when someone always feels angry and mad at the world. The problem is the world doesn't really care, you are alone in your anger. To you emptyheart you are right, it was the chance of a lifetime to discover the ways of the world, I wouldn't change a thing!!

that is a beautiful story. i agree inner peace can only be found inside you.

that is really beautiful about your dad being your first student. i am glad you know how to find inner peace. <br />
i practice meditation, but i am open to anything you would want to tell me.

You are very right both you, emptyheart, jinda and my ~dar are so supportive. Without you I would be in a rubber room LOL

sad you couldnt get residency here would have been a great asset to our country....<br />
you and your sister did ok to make it on your own <br />

Wow. Great post. Thanks for sharing your story.

It sounds like you had a rough time. Do you wonder if you would be where you are now had things been different? I know even though my life has been far from perfect, the bad things as well as the good, made me who I am today. Good job on your first story....keep going!