My Life Is Not A Fictional Story, It's Just Me ( Part One)

I woke up very groggily in the back of an old gold sedan. We were screaming down the freeway. I was very frightened and curious . I had never gone this fast before. The man in the front seat looked back at me. He said, "Don't be scared. Your name is Joy now. You are 2 years old and I am gonna be your dad." I lay back down, thinking this must be a dream. That's not my name. I'm Babe. And my fourth birthday was coming up that month. I dreamed of my home...a cottage on a hill. I used to spend hours just sitting on my hill looking down upon my valley...watching the grass sway.

I awoke again suddenly. The man stopped his car in front of a row of houses. He said,"You can get out here. Go'll have other kids to play with now." I looked at him for a few minutes. His nose was very long, but he was still a handsome man. I leaned forward to talk to him and I noticed the red stains on the front of his shirt. He suddenly pulled his jacket closed and shooed me out of the car. As I stood there on the street, the gold car sped away.

I saw some kids playing in the yard and I skipped up to them. "Hi!" I said boisterously to a tall brown haired girl. Before she could say anything, some ugly little blonde girl pushed her way through the other children and screamed in my face, "We know about you! Your mom didn't want you anymore so they took you in!!" She had that crazy look kids get when they are desperately trying to scare know the one....where they squint their eyes up and jut their jaws out like a Pez dispenser.

"What are you talking about?" Said the tall brown haired girl. "She always lived here." I looked up and smiled at her and we giggled about it.

"Yeah, what are you talking about?" I mimicked. And the the little blonde girl stomped away.

We played for a while, some game with a ball up against the garage. I had never seen it before. Then some gravel voiced woman barked, "lunch time!" All the other kids ran off like Godzilla was coming, except the brown haired girl. She went into that house with Gravel Voice. I just stood there not knowing what to do. The door burst back open and Gravel Voice peered at me and growled, "That means YOU!" I ran in quickly.

I joined the table in the kitchen. Tall girl was sitting with a chubby boy and a curly haired girl. I said, "Hi, I am Joy. What's your names?"

Chubby said, "Junior".

Curly smiled at me and said, "Jackie and this one is Joannie".

I looked around the table and the first thing I noticed is that no one looked related. I thought this was someone's idea of an orphanage. I looked to the gravel voiced woman and politely inquired,"So, what is your name?"

The other kids drew back in their chairs as if shocked. I watched as the stout, black haired woman was barreling across the room toward me. She threw her kitchen towel onto the table, leaned on one fist which was firmly planted on the table and bellowed, "My name is MOM! And don't you forget it!"

And I never did...I don't remember much about the rest of the day. I went to sleep and dreamed about my life before. My mother (who I had rarely seen) was a beautiful red head. The last time I saw her she introduced me to my father who was African and Cherokee. She told me they were going to get work, because there was no place to work there. She promised that they would send for me when they could. I never saw her again. I had to stay with my grandparents who I thought loved me, but I guess I'll never know.
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Hello,Joyba, your story seems so sad and i wish that life could have been better for you