I Just Kept My Eyes Shut So It Would Be Less Traumatic.

I am working in Ajo, AZ and I am sleeping in my car to save money. I saw the lights earlier as i fell asleep and they seemed far enough away for comfort. I fell asleep and awoke and looked out the window and then out the opened side window and there he was standing there grey and about 3 and a half feet. His head was a little than the one that was standing next to my bed when I was a kid. I don't know if he knocked me out because he didn't make any sudden movements or maybe I just passed out from fear. The next thing I know is that I am some where and I hear screaming and like in a book I once read I realized it was me. Not in a voice I recognized. I just kept my eyes shut knowing it would be less traumatic if i didn't see them. There was a light and movement from a few beings because the movement was sporadic and not mechanical but fast. Then I woke up in my car. I am not as scared of them as before. I have a feeling that the earth is in trouble and that they are maybe trying to find a way to preserve the species. But I have had a feeling that they were demonic in the past.
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Aliens are demons in disguise. You should listen to your gut instinct on this. They are not trying to preserve the human race, they are trying to pervert it by hybridizing their genes with the Human Species. This has been going on since the time of the flood of Noah and is part of a much bigger and sinister plan. The battle is for your souls whether you want to believe it or not.

well, I really like your comment there.

I personally am curious if the current generation of human-alien hybrids are meant for improvement.

However, I am a very very strong believer in the "battle for our souls" and know considerable about the plots of evil and enslavement for the human race.

But maybe it is true that the genetic modifications are meant to make better slaves, slaves more docile and that can take more abuse and perform more labor without question, etc.

They would like us to believe its for the betterment of our species and our planet, and maybe we would like to believe that as well. It's easier to believe that than to believe the truth. They want to control us and manipulate us and corrupt our genetic code. They are likely building a great army. Preparing for the last great battle between good and evil. Armageddon, and guess who are the evil ones?

The last part about them being demonic in the past is very intriguing.

We are ruled by a multidimensionell entity and their human agents on earth ( a sun cult that created the abrahamistc religions(and all others that precedes them). They ensure that you are so deceptively tricked that the tought of giving away your soul trough rituals never enters the majority of us. Its only People that partly wakes up and knows thing are a miss on a subconsiouns level that gets special treatment that involves the intervention of aliens. Once the consiounsess media and thier other various instĂștions on earth fail to maintain the hynosis to maximun degree, the aliens that are on the top of the hieracy abducts you to carry out a more complicated mind control on you.