Can't Believe I'm Writing This...

Ok. I can only say this is something I assume. I don't really know, and I don't want to. So long as I don't remember, I don't care.

I've always seen things. You know the typical lights in the sky you can't identify. Often enough that I now will guarantee seeing something if you leave town with me & it's a dark night (no moon). My brother has always been the same way. I kinda, tend-to-believe, that "they" have chosen ones, that they check up on, **** with, whatever. The same way we do, when we tag an animal with a track collar & set it free. In my opinion, this means they semi-keep up with the people you're closest to as well. This would explain why my man of fourteen years now sees weird ****, when he never used to before getting with me. I also feel that they mess with you when you are most likely to pass the event off as being in your head. By this I mean, times when your mentally not all together. Like when you're extremely tired, been drinking, high on drugs, or extremely stressed. Most people will wake up & say, damn, I must have been ****** up last night, I was trippin or, what a weird dream. Maybe it was, but maybe not. I truely believe I have had close encounters. Doesn't mean abducted really, but handled, at least here on earth. I have endless reasons, and I believe in trusting your feelings.

The first "close" type of crazy incident I can recall, was many years ago, at a friends cabin, in Twin Lakes, CO. I was in high school. To make a long story short, this is a very small town, far up in the mountains. Where every house is spread out a good ways in the forest. There is no seeing your neighbors house from yours. Elevation; just below tree line. My friends cabin sits beside a creek. It is held up by ten-foot pillars, most likely because of the potential of flash floods. You can park your car under the cabin. Nuff said.

We started drinking. Walking around, hanging out, having fun. We all had a pretty good buzz when it got dark. 

One of my friends and I decide we want to sleep in the loft. Vaulted ceiling area, where you can't stand up straight. (not enough room) There are little bitty sky lights every few feet on the ceiling. There is only one window in the loft area, which I decided to sleep next to.  Keep in mind this is a good sized cabin. Two stories plus the loft, on ten foot pillars.  In the middle of the night I wake up. I'm facing my friend, who is asleep, window to my back.  Lights. A bunch of lights, going every which way. As if twenty people with flashlights were swinging them around all over. I froze, knowing there was a big window right behind me. I'm looking at my sleeping friends face, wanting to wake her up. Moving just my eyes, I notice there is one of the 7x9 inch sky lights directly above her. I wanted to grab her, because I was scared & felt like I was the only one awake. I knew it wasn't flashlights I was seeing. It wasn't flashlights or headlights or reflections.  The thought hit me, what if I wake her up & she opens her eyes & sees something or someone looking at her though that sky light? What then? What if she sees something looking in the window behind me? What if she has something happen to her that might not have if I hadn't woke her up? I couldn't have that guilt. I was panicing inside.  

I tried to stay still. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing. I was pretending to be asleep. I thought, matbe if they don't know I'm awake they'll leave me alone. My breathing was eratic. I was trying not to cry. I opened my eyes again. Lights going everywhere. I was so scared. I told myself to breathe. I closed my eyes again. Trying to calm myself. I felt like something or someone was looking at me from outside the window only feet away. My adrenaline was pumping in fear.

Then I woke up. The sun was shining. I don't remember having fell asleep. I don't see how I could have. Doesn't seem possible, that I could have fell asleep during such a situation. I wasn't sure if I should tell my friends or not. I did later that afternoon. Can't say they believe me, but whatever. I know what I saw. I know how I felt.


The next event I describe, is one I don't tell many people about. It was an insane night. There's no chance of it being all in my head, or a bad dream, because I was not alone. This took place after fishing with my mom, brother, and boyfriend, at some ponds about eighty miles east of Colorado Springs. My brother and I had always seen interesting things at these ponds.

The sun set, and it was time to get home. We're driving down a dirt road in my brother's International. My boyfriend and I are sitting in the back, my mom and brother, up front. There was a bright light far in the distance behind us. It seemed to be getting brighter, as though it were getting closer. Here's the thing, if it were a car, you'd see signs of it being a not so perfect road. The headlights would rattle from the bumps. You'd know it was headlights when the angle of the beam changed as the road curved, or as the vehicle went up and down hills. There was no fluctuation in the brightness of the light. It appeared to be gliding smoothly, coming up behind us. We'd been going to these ponds for years & knew the area semi-well. This didn't behave like a car. It's one thing if it were paved roads, or if the roads were straight, but they're not. I started yelling for my brother to go faster. Fearing he wasn't seeing what my boyfriend and I were seeing, I started knocking on the glass that separates the cab from the bed of the truck. I yelled again. I heard him yell something back, but couldn't distinguish what he said. It was at this time my boyfriend began nodding off. Here I was, freaking out, and somehow he was suddenly so tired he couldn't keep his eyes open. I yelled, "What are you doing? How can you sleep right now, are you kidding me?" He continued to move a couple things out of the way so he could lay down. Now I was really freaking out. I began to feel very alone in the back of that truck, staring at this light moving ever so fast towards us. I could see my brother checking his mirrors over and over, and I could see the speedometer & knew he was going full speed. I kept nudging my boyfriend, hoping he would snap out of whatever sleepy spell was hitting him. Then, the truck began to slow down.

I started screaming, "What are you doing? Don't slow down, go, go!!!  No, don't stop!!!"  The truck stopped.  As soon as he opened his door I Jumped out the back of the truck, yelling at him for having stopped the truck. He pushed me out of his way, yelling at me to shut up, digging in the back of the truck for something.  We were so consumed in our yelling at eachother, we didn't even notice the light was no longer behind us.  " What are you looking for?",  I yelled, "Why did you stop?" 

"We're out of gas!" He screams. 

WHAT?!?!    I could not believe he would take a trip this far from town and not fill the tanks. (Internationals have two gas tanks)  We started screaming over eachother again, standing at the back of the truck.  Suddenly my boyfriend sat up. There was an immediate silence as he did. Both my brother and I stopped in the middle of our sentences and our bodies froze where we stood. Our eyes were locked. Neither of us even blinked, scared as hell.  The way my boyfriend sat up was not right. There was no bend in his back. None. He sat up slow & smooth-like, stiff as a board. No arm movement, no leg movement. It was creepy as ****.  Suddenly, he spit out some crazy ****.  It was clear as a bell, but it wasn't english. There was no mumble to it.  I can only describe it as, speaking in toungues. I had never heard anything like it.  My brother and I were still locked, eye to eye, although our eyes were bigger than ever and starting to fill with tears. Neither of us wanted to look at him.  We were scared to move.  I knew I had to say something, afterall, it's my boyfriend.  I looked over at him, moving only my eyeballs. My head followed a couple seconds later.  I could feel, my brother never took his eyes off me, waiting to see my reaction when I spoke. My voice quivered and choked up, like a boy going through puberty, as I softly said, "Baby?........Are you ok?"  He never turned his head, didn't move a muscle, didn't say a thing.  I turned my head back toward my brother, keeping my eyes on my boyfriend.  Slowly my eyes made their way back to my brother as well.  Silence.  A long, fearful silence, or at least it seemed long.  Suddenly, he layed down. Stiff as a board, without bending his back, he layed down, in the same manner as he had sat up.   Silence.

  Without any words or any gestures, without even glancing at my boyfriend, my brother and I darted past eachother. He quickly emptied the gas can into the truck, and told me to hurry and get in.  I did. We didn't get much further with that gallon of gas. The light may not have been coming up behind us anymore, but we were still scared. We knew we were stuck and that we would be spending the night out there. I questioned why he wouldn't have filled up with gas before leaving town. He had the most freaked out expression as he told me he had. He and my mom said that as we were speeding down the road, trying to out-run the light, they had watched the gas gauge drop. He had only filled one of the tanks, but it was full.  I was astonished, and repeated what they had just said. "You watched the gas gauge drop? Like it was full and you saw the dial go from full to empty?"


How could this be? Did we rupture the gas tank somehow? My brother is a mechanic. He knows his truck well. He got out a flashlight and crawled under the truck, but he couldn't see any place it could have leaked from. We just decided to let it go until morning, when we could see.  Talk about an uncomfortable silence. My mom had never experienced anything paranormal of any kind. She layed down in the cab of the truck without saying anything about what had just happened. I think she wanted to fall asleep as fast as possible, to escape the reality.   None of us discussed it anymore that night. My brother crawled into the back of the truck with me and my boyfriend who was still asleep. We just layed there, trying to stay warm. Listening to the darkness.

Don't remember drifting into sleep, just opening my eyes and seeing the sun in the morning.  My brother took the gas can and walked a good ways untill he reached the main road and hitchhiked back into town. He was dropped off at a gas station where he called my boyfriends stepfather.  Together, they drove all the way back out to where we were. They hooked up the tow straps and we were off.  

 Know what's crazy?  My brother, the mechanic, thoroughly examined the truck after we got back to town. Didn't see anything odd. He put gas in it, it started right up.  He drove all the way to his house. It held the gas just fine. Still got the same miles per gallon as before the incident.


He never fixed anything, never made any repairs, just put some gas in it and it worked just fine --- for many months.  A full tank of gas just disappeared while we were running for our lives basically. Explain that one.    


Many years later, when that movie, The Fourth Kind came out, I tripped out. Particularly the part where the dude is in bed and they show him sitting at that 90 degree angle & then start speaking in toungues. Yeah, it makes my skin crawl just thinkin about how similar that was to what my boyfriend had done and said that night.  Guess it sort-of confirmed some things in my mind, not that I questioned it anyways. Yeah, I don't want to know.  I always want the truth in life, but when it comes to the whole close encounter thing... I don't know.   They can do what they want with me, it's not like there's any way to prevent it, I'm just thankful I don't remember anything of it if they have, and I do believe they have. 

There's been so many odd things throughout my life. Things that have no explanation, especially time loss and confusion in it.  There's also weird things with my body every so often that don't make any sense either. For instance, how I'm the only adult I know with a soft spot on my skull. Yeah, like a baby has. One day it was just magically like that. An egg shaped area I can't touch, or it ***** me all up. Instant concusion if I bump it. I'll be all off balance, puking and everything. It's a *****. No, I've never had it checked out by a doctor. I am my own doctor. What are they going to tell me I don't already know.  It'd be a waste of time and money I can't spare.  Crazy **** like that. Yup, pretty freaky. 
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