??? Why Me

Two nights ago I woke in my bed which would be normal if that's where I had fallen asleep. It was around 10:30 I was watching some TV in my living room I was trying so hard to stay awake so I set the record option on my pay TV so I didn't miss my show if i fell asleep then continued to watch TV next thing I know I'm jolting upright in my bed like I've had a bad dream. I'm so upset and panicky but I don't know why I felt the need to get out of bed to use use the bathroom as I was urinating I discovered my genitals were painful which I can not explain after using the bathrom I went to the living room to get a cigerett ad saw the TV still on then I remembered my show was comming on so I put the info up on the screen to find it was now 2:17am??? My show was due to start at 11pm n I knew it was around 10:30 when I set the record and I did not go to bed now I'm a lil confused but go through my recorded menu to find my show when I try to play it back it is all scrambled for the whole recording no biggie but I was a tad mad I missed my show had my smoke n went back to bed I asked my hubby the next morning if he had carried me to bed n he just laughed n said no dear my back is not that strong we both laughed it off and went about our day then this morning on our news channel I saw a unknown object a man had caught on his video camera n then I had the urge to search for it on the web and for no reason at all thought what if I was abducted and searched for symptoms of alien abduction online and found I have more than a few signs but I also have three straight 1cm scars on my fore arms one I had know was there for around 4yrs how it got there I don't know I had just thought it must be from when I was a child but the other two are just new they are not painfull at all then old memories came back to me from my past that I had pushed to the back of my mind like missing time and floating in my room I live in australia for those who would like to see the news footage Google UFO on sunrise. I just want to know does it sound like I have been abducted if so why me I have always been fascinated by ufos stars and ancient Egypt for as long as I remember please help.
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maybe you were abducted by the Michelin Man? that sunrise UFO was a BLIMP!!! it usually has a billboard lit up, it could have been on the other side? geez