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I am a life long abductee/experiencer and to tell everything would fill a very large book so I will keep things simple for now. I have had many awake experiences with alien beings some good, some not so good, but these experiences led me to obsessive research (not uncommon) and to find my own answers as to WTH is going on. It has been quite a journey I assure you. I saw a need for a safe place for ppl like myself to go to for support or just to meet others with similar lives, so I began a support group which led to a total of 5 groups eventually. I also began a NPO for Astrobiological Research into Abductology/Ufology which is now head up in France where I consult. I would be happy to assist you all here if you need help or have questions/comments.
As I said im a lifer which means I'm also a hybrid (starseed, starchild, indigo) which is not an easy life here by any stretch of the imagination. IK your sadness, your longing for your real home, and your frustrations watching this world decay with ignorance. I am here to complete my mission as well which is this find those who are lost by spreading the seeds of truth so like a beacon of light in the dark they will find comfort, and know they are not alone.
Im going to read through the posts and try to catch up.....
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how are "hybrids" created? why are there only certain "chosen ones"? what do they gain from examining the human body? don't they have all the info they need by now? why do you get abducted repeatedly, what do they want?

Tell me miss, what is the truth you are spreading? I want to know.

Thanks I will check it out.

I have a little home in the country and am surrounded by forest, I garden, do art, play with kids, ext and have been kind-off hiding from main-stream civilization. I can't stand how the system is set up right now so I avoid it. But I have seen that many individuals are waking up and becoming enlightened and feel I should stop living in isolation and do my part to actively uplift the energy and vibrations of the earth. I have become fairly efficient in astral travel and have seen and interacted with different energies, divas, aliens, ext so maybe my experiences and art may enlighten someone else.

Thanks, I will have an art page on facebook, and esty next week. I just got a computer. I've been riding a creative wave all summer and have placed much energy into my art. Before I do a painting I try to empty my mind of physical ideals and concepts. I connect with the universe and pray that shards of her magnificent mystery may come to light through my vessel.
I will give a heads up when the page is done. Am waiting to buy a good digital camera as I still have a flip phone and an old computer with a monitor, I've been living in the woods and have resisted technology but am starting to see that it is necessary for the uniting and enlightening of humanity.

I would love to see your art page on Facebook. How do I find it? What is it listed under? If you can find the time I would appreciate it if you could leave me a message. longfang2

Oh I was going to ask, when you astral travel do you see nature divas- I have been seeing them and have been obsessively painting there energies. I wish people could make it as artist these days.

I joined this group because I read your post a while ago and though. Wow she is just like me. I am a hybrid indigo. I am 5'2 have a very pretty but androgynous childlike body and face, my rib cage is narrow and elongated, I can feel people and know their intentions and heart immediately, it is very easy for me to communicate teIipathically. I can't hardly bare to watch the news or think about what is going on in the world, it brings me to tears even thinking about it.. how can people be so ignorant on sooo many levels. I keep thinking and hoping that some of the alien races will come and help educate the leaders of this world. I think there are so many abductees because they are trying to slowly integrate into society so there is not such a huge shock. I have seen soo soo many visions of the ships covering the airspace and calling for us to help the masses understand and not be afraid. My visions have been coming true- so far I saw the earth quake on the east coast, the fires twards the west and south, and multiple sink holes. If you guys are being abducted try to wake up, become conscious and talk to them, there is no need to be afraid- even with the reptilians- they have not bothered me one time since I reliesed my fear of them. It took me about 29-30 years to figure it out. Since my earliest memories I have known that I was not from here. I talked to a being whom I called my sister until I was 10 or so, she told me I was from her world and that people from that world loved me a missed me very much and that no matter how much I wanted to come home I needed to stay here and learn and do good.

I feel the same. I feel I'm a starchild and now I know I've come to earth to study human stupidity by giving value to physical power. like who can beat the others is better kind of thinking among humans.


You have a very kind good heart, I've read some of your responses on other's posts and feel youre a hood soul.

I've become increasingly interested to find out what happened to me about 18 years ago, when I was in the sixth grade. My best friend (with whom I am still best friends) and I had a sleepover at my house. We both remember every detail about that night. After watching a movie in the upstairs living room/loft we both fell asleep. She woke first, one of her eyes was blacked out, the clock showed no time, and I was no where to be found. After turning on all the lights, frightened, she went to my moms room to try to sleep on her floor. I awoke to find myself in the same position I fell asleep, but very stiff, and alone in the loft. All the lights were on, and I soon found my friend laying on my moms bedroom floor. She was still awake, and had only laid down there minutes earlier. Where was I? I've never seen an alien, a ship, or lights, although my boyfriend said he's seen an orb in my room once when I was in there asleep alone. I have an abnormally severe fear of needles, some insomnia, must sleep between my bed and the wall, but other than that, no signs of having an encounter. Do you think I've been abducted?

A *good* soul not a hood soul LOL

holy sheepshit!

I want to go "home", but I've lost my compass :-/

Hi Aminra,
Are any of these support groups online?

wow.. how do i know if i am a hybrid ? i kinda relate to that a little, i feel the same way

What are your thoughts on the men in black? There are questions I've always wanted to ask, but I feel like I'm not supposed to ask questions because something or someone will know! That sounds strange, even to me, but it's something I've always felt!

I honestly don't know if I have or not. As soon as i start to think about it, my mind shuts off, I make myself think of something else & I get emotional. I've always been afraid to think of it & have always been curious. But that's where it stops.