I Still Remember.... Or At Least I Think I Do

i never have been a deep sleeper. i suffer from insomnia which keeps me awake at night. when i was 15 my parents moved me and my sisters to arizona from MO. we lived in Maricopa, a small deserted area. the nights were quiet, serene, muggy and the A/C no longer worked. our first night there, i immediately felt drained, picked out my room and feel asleep. i remember waking up at exactly 2a.m. laying on the floor still, i saw a dark figure in my door way. it was averaged height just about. i never got uneasy feeling but instead confusion. i brushed it off thinking it was my mind playing tricks on me and drifted back to sleep. the next two weeks i would wake up at 2p.m. in a different sleeping place. nothing seemed out of ordinary except i noticed i had become more sensitive to light and each visit, the being got closer. the last visit was when i was 16 and my body collapsed in school one day. while in faint mode it was as if i was awake but not really. i was in a dark place with a luminous blinding light. behind the light i saw three beings approaching me, this time i felt fear. in my unconscious mind i prayed that God makes this dream or what ever disappear. it felt like my unconscious mind prayed for hours and as if these beings were in sync with my thoughts. close enough to touch me, they stopped but my eyes remained closed while i continued praying. unconscious, everything in my faint state of mine began vibrating but i continued to pray. hours later it seemed, i awoke in the nurses office with my teacher by my side. i felt dehydrated, shaky, alarmed and more so curious about what i experienced. as i was getting up to stretch, my eyes meet the nurses wrist watch....it read 2a.m. from then on, now 19 i sleep fine. i still have insomnia but no lucid dreams. but i do get these feelings i dont belong, time feels longer and my memory is fading a bit. but more memories of this experience keeps coming into play. im not sure but i believe i was visited by a being. some nights i still feel like someone or something is watching me sleep
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Jan 22, 2013