I Believe Aliens Are Watching Me. Im Desperate For Answers.

this is my real life encounter with aliens and i know it's long but Id like to know if anyone, anywhere has any advice or similar experiences that you can share. Ill try my best to tell it all in order, since it's been about a year now that things have been happening and i tend to go back and forth when telling a story but yeah, here goes..

Ill start with saying a lot of the time my very vivid dreams come true, or tell me something or show me something that helps me out in waking life. i don't know how or why. Ive been keeping a dream journal to keep track of it all.
here's a couple examples:
march 14, 2011 i dreamt i found my missing baby anole in a blanket, and i did. both in real life and in my dream, i stuck my hand out and he hopped onto it.
on march 16th, april 14th, may 5th and may 15th i dreamt my ex cheated on me, each dream with a different girl and recently i found out they were all true.
on may 16th (after looking for months and months for a job with no luck) i dreamt i did a waitress' job for her, only to be hired on as a waitress a week later.
on may 7th, october 21, november 19th and december 3, i dreamt of a man Id never met. in the middle of december, i don't know why one day i packed all of my things, quit my job and moved out of my home town. i walked into a store and explained that Id moved on impulse, they hired me immediately. 4 days later, at work, i met this man in person.
In reality, at the very beginning of 2012, i started staying out late at night with a friend or by myself, and Id noticed the top 2 brightest stars i could see would move back and forth, or slowly move across the sky with no red or blue flashing lights like a plane has. what really caught my eye were the stars that would just move up and down, left to right slightly. Id stare at them for hours wondering what it was.
on april 1, i dreamt i was in another world. there was a huge body of crystal clear blue water. i remember 2 of my old friends walking by, both of their hair bright blonde, i was sitting inside this house without real walls. there were walls to separate the rooms but not blocking outside. it felt so peaceful and safe, Ive never felt such genuine happiness.
on april 2nd i dreamt i was running in the street from aliens. i remember running and i was terrified, but something told me i had no reason to be.
In reality, some time in the summer, i went camping with a friend and his family in sullivan Indiana. you're not allowed to leave the camp site after 10 pm but around midnight, he and i wanted to find a quiet place to smoke. we sneak out and end up at the lake/pond. the water is in front of me, the road a couple hundred yards behind me, grass and then about 700 yards to my left were sparse woods. to my right, a ditch and then a tree. for some reason i had a gut feeling we weren't alone, so we wait to spark the blunt (keep this in mind, for those of you who are going to give me **** about smoking weed. i was completely 100% sober during this) i figured security was about to drive by or something. so Im looking up at the sky, trying to point out moving stars to my friend and while Im looking directly up, literally out of nowhere, appeared a huge round silver space ship with green windows of light all around it just above the tree right above us. it hovers for about 3 seconds before zooming off, moving in a sideways rainbow shape to my right and disappears out of sight. but it disappeared before it should have, like it went invisible or something. my friend starts freaking out and Im in awe. i remember the dream i had of another world, and Im hooked. i want to know more. i start to think back on when i was all about doing research on things like that, and i read somewhere that little kids were asking their parents why they have to go to school because they learn more on the space ships than in class. and Im thinking "i want to be taught things..why not?" and i remember that supposedly, you can write a message to anyone, anywhere, dead or alive, God or human being, and if you burn that note with the intention of giving it to someone, it will work. i tried it once already actually, i wrote a note to an old friend that said "you're beautiful inside and out, and i really want the best for you. i miss you. i hope you're doing okay." that night, he messaged me and asked how i was doing, gave me his new number and said if i ever want to get together for coffee, to call him. so i rush back to the campsite, grab a pen and paper and the first thing i notice when i get back is what looks like a round, red bike reflector in the woods to my left. i thought nothing of it, burned the note and waited. 20 minutes pass with nothing and then my friend points out the red light. i say it's probably nothing, but we're both looking at it and it just shuts off. then 3 round white lights appear on the ground in a triangle shape, each circle of light looks like a flashlight except doesn't fade out at the edges, each circle is around 3 feet wide and they're moving left and right simultaneously, like the stars did. theyre moving slowly toward us. i literally feel nothing but calm curiosity. then once the light in front hit the edge of the woods my friend starts crying. he says "man this is freaking me the **** out, i don't wanna do this anymore" and the lights shut off and we both feel alone again.
a few weeks later, again in reality, i was sitting on a friend's balcony back in my home town and i see another ship in the sky, it appears out of nowhere, i see a round silver disc in the sky with one green light in the center, it moves in a sideways/upside down rainbow shape and disappears.
on july 30, i dreamt about a wolf that gave me advice that changed my heart and my life. i was in the woods and there were aliens in the background but the wolf ignored my question about what they're doing.
on august 1, i dreamt an alien was running up my grandma's driveway, devours a hologram of a woman. see's me, i say "holy ****" and run downstairs, shutting the door behind me. it's trying to open the door. it's stronger than me. i call out to my boyfriend at the time with no answer, i realize the thing is stronger than me and i let the door go. i wake up screaming in my sleep, with my mouth closed because Im legitimately paralyzed until Im fully awake.
i later read online, while researching something completely different, that supposedly the government is supposed to fake an alien invasion using holograms in the sky. that's what really freaks me out.
on october 27, i dreamt i was on another planet where the animals let you fly with them. it's night time and it's dark. I end up in a restaurant where the waiter thinks Im lying? (about??) then he kisses me, i try to push him away, he kisses my neck and collar bone, and i wiggle out of his grip and run. i feel confused and embarrassed, everyone is staring at me. i wonder why he did that and walk back to ask, but he's gone. i can't remember who i came there with so i feel lost, scared, and then i woke
on november 19, i dreamt an alien was taking samples of my bedroom, watching me.
i don't know if it's relevant but right around the same time (in real life), i left the house for 10 minutes with my little brother. i know 100% i locked the front door behind me but when i came home, the front door was open, the back door was open and the back gate was open, the dog was let out. my dad was at work all day, so that couldn't be it either. and he's so anal about locking the doors anyway.
not even a week later (again in reality), i was doing dishes in my dad's kitchen and i heard the back door open. i thought the dog somehow managed to open it herself, so i turn around to see the dog nowhere near the back door, and the back door is still opening by itself. it opened a couple feet and then shut itself. i grabbed my phone to call my dad to come home but my phone had randomly lost signal, which has never happened before, especially inside my dad's house.
a couple days after (reality again), i was standing in the garage with my dad's dog, who was completely oblivious to everything going on, and i suddenly felt like i wasn't alone, and again i picked up my phone to call my dad and it had no signal and my phone started freezing on different pages.
once outside my dad's house, i felt like i wasn't alone again. i don't know why. but i wasn't afraid this time because it was day time. so half jokingly, i said "Im not gonna come with you unless shawn can come too" because at the time he was my only friend and i knew he'd protect me if need be.
that same night on december 2, i woke up from a dream and while trying to fall back asleep, i half dreamt a female voice whispering in my ear. i couldn't make out what she said but it woke me up, and i could still hear the voice after waking. it repeated it's sentence and all i could make out was the very end, where this voice said "he'll be mean to me"
on january 3 of this year, while living with a friend here in Indianapolis, i dreamt i was trying to use the bathroom but i was too scared to go in there because i knew something was there. i woke myself up and fell back asleep to a dream i was standing in that friend's bedroom, watching the bed, every piece of the bed shaking back and forth in opposite directions, but all of them moving toward the bathroom door. i woke myself up and fell back asleep to a dream that i was standing in that same bedroom and there were 3 or 4 aliens in a group standing right by the window. the aliens are talking to each other, and they don't seem to be harmful but i can't control my screaming. i woke up still screaming, and again i was paralyzed so my mouth was closed as Im screaming and i can't move. i could swear when i woke up, i heard noises right outside the sliding door.
my last dream was on january 7, Im on a train with someone, they're pulled out of a train window and are murdered. i wake up and fall back asleep to the same dream 3 or 4 times, each time the person and how they were murdered were different, but it was brutal. Ive never had a dream like that, there was so much blood and i could hear very creepy laughter. i wake and fall back asleep, this time Im talking to someone and he says he loves me but "it doesn't matter because youre gonna go with your boyfriend.." he's pulled out and murdered with a chainsaw. there's blood everywhere, splattered on the train window and i hear creepy laughter again. whoever it is, is trying to get me. i wake myself up and fall back asleep and they're still trying to get me. Im on the train and if i stop to think for a split second about where Im going or what Im doing, it's too late. i hesitate jumping off the moving train but i do, and i see a shed-like door hooked to a house, the door is open and the light is on. Ive dreamt of this place before but it was one of those i couldn't remember clearly so i didn't write down. but i hesitated too long on the train and they're catching up to me, so i turn around to fight them off. (all of this is like a movie and i can't control what Im doing or saying, Im forced to just sit back and watch what happens) a woman with big, reddish brownish hair about my height, barely reaching the shoulder of a very skinny, lanky man so tall i can't see his face. i waking up screaming with my mouth closed and my body paralyzed.
Ive done some research on aliens and found a picture of pledian aliens. it's not the same people as the people i dreamt about, but the woman looks very very similar.
Ive heard a lot about a connection between aliens and owls, and it reminds me of a dream i had about being on a plane thats crashing. everyone around me is panicking but i know Im dreaming so Im okay. then there is no plane and Im falling and millions of owls are flying around me. i land on a rooftop and the owls are still flying.
last night, on the 24th, my boyfriend stayed at his parents house so i was home alone. i was listening to music and writing when i heard something in the kitchen. i pause my music and say "hello?" and i hear clicking. 40/50 minutes in, i decided to write them down. "are you a ghost?" no response. "are you an alien?" 2 knocks. "are you pledian?" nothing "reptillian?" nothing "grey?" nothing "are you still there?" 2 knocks "do you know how to speak english?" 2 taps..4 and then i noticed someone in a white car outside my apartment, staring at me. i could see something grey in the passenger seat. i watched this car for 20 minutes and saw a man in a red jacket get out of the car and walk up the sidewalk twice, never once saw him get back into the car. but then the light turned on and he was back in the car???? so i asked "are you in the car?" and the red lights on the back of the car turned on. i closed my blinds and tried to go to sleep. i heard constant knocking in my bathroom. i yelled stop. it stopped for a good 30 seconds. and then started again.

I've been thinking about trying DMT but haven't had the time to do my research on it so i haven't made up my mind. but from what Ive heard it puts you in a dream-like state. and Im hoping, since i'll know it's a basically like a dream, that i can control what i do or say and get answers, instead of being unable to control my actions or words. if anyone has any advice, any stories, any comments that aren't unkind (or if you wanna be rude go for it, Im just going to say "ok"), about my story or about DMT, it would be greatly greatly appreciated. Im very confused and Im desperate for answers. please and thank you
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I have been down your same road friend, looks like you've got roots with a positive alien race! Follow the signs they are giving to you, but beware the reptillians and greys. I thought the same exact thing with DMT, and the first time I did it... My room was invaded by 3 reptilians and they probed my emotional well-being, stuck something right through my pupil. Please be careful, I only tell you these things because you are now lifting the veil. That is why us humans are here. That is the only reason why we've ever been here.

I have been dealing with similar situations for a few years and intuitively felt I needed to go to Colorado. I was here three months when my father who lives half way cross us said be outside on this particular day there will be a big surprise
. the day came when something made the mountain shake. I went outside and looked a bit and started walking back when a cat showed me down the hill and laid down. I went to sit with the cat and looked up to sky and saw a huge glowing ball with slow golden fire turn into an I and then two rings. So I said dad wtf do you know about aliens from bible. Two years are past and now a gold ufo hangs out near my house on the mtn everyday for two weeks. In the morning g it gets very close and I have vivid dreams. I think revelations is real now. Can't be scared there's no reason to it is OK just learn about Zionists and shastians and pray your not harassed by greys.

Please go to youtube and enter this in the search box:
Cheers, AelousAthene

They are friends, all of them... I haven't been in contact with any greys but from every native tribe recall they say that the greys are good also.. I have seen huge and small space Ships and Crafts all my life, and they seem to respond to me when I'm looking or asking for them to be there. My mom use to tell me stories that when I was a baby that she would have experiences where giant light would seem to hold her car down. She said every time that she would hide me In the floorboard until the light just disappeared. She also told me a store from when I was 2, she says that I was playing outside and she went inside for a moment for something and when she came out she seen odd upside down pyramid spinning around about 40 yards from me and as high as a light pole. She said she ran and grabbed me. At the same moment the craft shot a about a mile in the sky in a blink of an eye, sat there for a sec and shot right back down about 20 yards away and at the same height as before. After that it shop off side ways over the trees and disappeared.
There are other in are universe I believe that the government knows and has made contact with them and isn't telling us. I also believe in God and Believe Jesus is my savior. If you are a Christian the bible tells you that you are not of this world!!!!

I had and I still have the same dreams (about aliens) or nightmares,they were like...staring at me and I can't wake up,I have seen the same stars moving,not paying much attention,but now my dreams are nightmares.I don't know much about those ''creatures'' but I hope that this was all my imagination...Hope that they aren't real..


You are right about the Nordic Aliens and you will come to find out that all the good "alien" experience was from them. All the grey type "aliens" i would say are dangerous including the owl(they are also grey type i think). The grey type is also that caused that scar, you most likely have an alien implant. If you have the money go for an ex-ray scan and no i'm not joking. I myself have never been abducted but i had done a lot of research on this subject. Personally if i see a ufo i run its that simple. Some cases is actualy really scary like the "Ufo guys" and ""McPherson" video you can find on youtube. Most people that have a lot experience in aliens cases would say they are more spirit beings than actual body. Some abductees claim when they became Christians and the "Aliens" try to abduct the and scream for Jesus to help them the abduction actually stopped . Hope this helps and btw those dreams you expiernced try searching Out Of Body Experiences and Lucid Dreams..

I have had many kinds of similar things happen to me, nosebleeds I cant explain, and even waking up in the middle of the night with Bruises and scratches I cannot explain. I believe that they can control you and what happens to you if they have given you a mark of some kind. I have a forever lasting scar behind my ear from when I was six. I went to sleep and woke with it. you don't have to believe me, but if you want answers go to a library and search for any books that can help you. I wish you all the luck. and another thing, do what I did...record audio and video while you sleep. you will be pretty surprised.

What have you captured on video or audio? I tried but my camera mysteriously broke and add cards come up missing

sexy tell them to abduct me to im lonely

Alright well i still dont know if i was dreaming or not. I was having a weird dream and when i woke up i felt weird, but i was too lazy to do anything but after a while i tried to move and i couldnt. It was this kinda tingling feeling i cant really explain. the more force i used to get up the more force i felt on me. Then i decided i would scream for my mom or sister but no sound came out of my mouth. i realized my dog was in the room and called for her and all i could get was a whisper and i think i remeber her jumping on my bed. So while i was freaking out i started to hear a mans voice in my head. I dont remember but i think it was telling me to calm down but i was too freaked out to rememeber. Then all of a sudden i was asleep again and i continued to have the dream i was having earlier. When i woke up the first thing i remember was my experience so i got up and went to my sisters room. I fell asleep at 1AM and it was 3AM. The weird thing was that it was my 16th birthday too. This happened like like 3 weeks ago and i still think about it. Another weird thing is that before this i never gave aliens much thought, maybe movies or **** on the history channel but the first thing on my mind when i woke up was aliens.

No im watching you ;)

This pulled up when I was looking up info to relate to my own experience- figured I'd post my dream and maybe it will give you some insight- i recorded it when as soon as i woke up that morning because it was too real not to say something came to me: I just woke up and I had the most intense dream my recall has ever experienced... I wanted to share with you hoping you could make some sense of it. Ive already talked to a couple peeps about it.. The dream I had was unlike any I've ever had- first off, I was naked- and it wasn't an issue- usually I'd be freaking out the whole dream about clothes.. Not this time. It is super long so I'm just going to cut to the chase.. It was my friends birthday and so we went to a fancy restaurant for her birthday- got a deal on a $200 bottle of coconut wine... Finally left there and me, her and some other female I don't remember we're running through this parking lot in the rain playing and I had a large kitchen knife with me (I've been using this knife a whole lot to cut avocados over the past month) I had it on my person- no intention at all of using it.. We take a few silly pix and then I look into the sky and there is a brilliant UFO unlike any I have seen in pictures- it was pointed and looked almost like a carnival ride- the colors were rainbow rolling and illuminating the entire craft and it had a point at the end. It had a white side piece, or wing maybe with holes on it.. i may actually paint it soon.. When I saw it I grabbed my friend and was like, "Erika! Look! Plz record this so I can see it later!!" I was in awe. I could feel the energy coming from the craft so I asked it with my mind to come to me.. And waved it over almost like I would my cat.. And to my surprise it did. It looked fairly larger in the sky- but it came down to me and the feeling I had from it knocked me off of my feet. It let me in it's personal bubble of energy as it came to where I was- the feeling I had in intensity was comparable to childbirth. The only actual feeling I've felt like it was being electrocuted but less intense- I could handle it, it was just very strong- like almost losing your mind on a drug but forcing yourself to put your experience over the negative matter. It was beautiful. I still had my hand reached out completely captivated by its presence and there was a small screen on the creature/craft before me. It had the colors on the screen like random color boxes like in a tv when the channels glitch but through it I could see a face. Small and frail with sunken in eyes and we looked at each other and I felt I needed not to explain myself- it was far more complicated than myself. I then wondered if I was being abducted and didn't care- I was in the moment which during it felt timeless- One of the most intimate moments i have ever had.. just as quick as it came it left. My dream continued and I went to bed and woke up late in my dream. I asked myself if I was late for work and then realized that I suddenly didn't care. When I woke up after everything I was pouring with sweat. Something came to me and now I feel like I need to do something but don't know what. I wish it would come back to me in my wake so I could have both sides of consciousness to put these puzzle pieces together. It knows my intention now and I wish I could share my intention with everyone so they could act and live with love. Our planet needs it