That Goal Didn't Turn Out Right

i have a "black thumb", always have.  AND on the off chance that i was able to keep any live plants living, my cats would eat them.  i can't find any way of changing that line in my goals, so i'm writing this instead.  what i meant was, "i want to be able to keep my little rose plant alive".  that's my goal; not that i was already able to.  i bought "her" for a friend's b-day last week, however i had also bought her some candles.  when i got the little rose plant, i decided that this friend might get upset with me for giving her to much.  (this has happened before w/her.)  so i decided to keep it.  it was so cute.  when i got it, it was mostly buds, w/maybe 2 flowers.  i just repotted it yesterday, into a larger pot.  i had also made the prettiest contaciner for the plant, (for my friend), which is NOTHING like me.  when i worked full time, i worked as a corporate trouble shooter, and an accountant.  "artsy" things don't come out of my head.  i can't even draw a stick person that looks like a stick person!!  anyways, with previous plants i always seem to kill them?  i think i over water them?  so yesterday i repotted this little plant, and as depressed as i am, keeping this littel "girl" alive has been something that i really want to do.  unfortunately, today she's not looking so good?  i followed the directions on the potting soil; it's one of the better brands, too.  but today she's kind of "wilty"?  i also bought a pot to replant her in and that then goes instide the real pretty one that i made.  the inside pot, that i bought, looked really good for someone like me (atering to much).  it has a place, in the bottom of it, where you are supposed to water the plant.  it's so that if you forget to water it (NOT my problem) watering the bottom of the plant will keep the right amount in it.  i decided this would be great for me because if/when i do over water it, the water would go down to that bottom part, instead of drowning her.  after i repotted her, i watered until there was a little bit of water in that bottom "well" protion.  now, this a.m. there's NO more water in that well portion.  so i watered it again?  she sitds in the sun, and my 3 cats are under threat of death if i see any of them anywhere near her.  (she's on the top shelf of a garden window, facing south, so they have a hard time getting at her anyways.)  the little tag that came with her said full sunlight and that's where i have her.  i know that plants can be "shocked" when they are repotted.  i wonder if that's what happened?  they are tiny roses and almost all of them are blooming now.  the few that were already in bloom, when i got it, are the ones that are looking "wilty" and their petal edges are turning brown, too.  anyone with a green thumb out there that might be able to help me with my little rose plant?  i'd really appreciate any help that anyone could give.  i'm REALLY out of my league here!!  i know very little about live plants.  however i DO know (i think) that if the leaves start turning yellow that means i'm watering it to much.  that's NOT happening (yet).  should i give it more water now?  will that keep those blooms alive?  HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

thnx for the heads up. i definately would've killed this one, too!! what i don't "get" is that if the plant doesn't need/want the water, why is the "well" dry the next day? the instructions that i got with the plant said that if i DO put it in direct sunlight, that i should water it every day? i thought that was right, because after i water it, i wait a bit, check the "well" at the bottom, and there's usually some water in it. i haven't emptied it yet, when i've checked it, 'cause by the next day it's dry? if my little rose plant didn't want/need any more water, why is it soaking up that well water everyday? i really think i just killed it when i repotted it. the blooms that were already open, when i got it, are NOT looking good, at all?? they're turning brown around the edges of the petals?

It does sound like too much water, Cittykat. If any water runs down to the well at the bottom, empty it. Roses like to be kept dry. They are very tough, hardy plants. They prefer to have too little water. If they get too much they can suffer from fungal diseases, or even the dreaded root rot! Full sun is good, just let it dry out and then water it very sparingly. Good luck - I hope it thrives for you. :)