Swimming With Dolphins

Last summer we were yachting boating along the Italian Riviera. Going back we went over the gulf of Genoa, far out to sea. Suddenly a group of dolphins appeared close to the boat, jumping happily every now and then. We tried to get closer, but following them was hard, so we tried getting ahead of them. When we could se them heading our way I got my mask, snorkel and fins on, and started swimming in the direction I saw they were heading. Looking into the blue abyss, trying to spot something, I could suddenly hear the high pitched squeaks. Already exhausted, about 70meters from the boat I suddenly thought I could see something moving rather far from the surface, and then about five or six dolphins swam right under me, about 2-3m from the surface. They swim fast, so it was just a quick glimpse, but a very memorable moment. They obviously noticed me in the water, and came to say hello.
Sheiken Sheiken
36-40, M
Mar 6, 2010