Worthless Gifts

These larcenist pilferers always try to swindle children making some fake promises in the form of gifts to gain their trust.

Especially when they are in some power position over children; the child feels safe blindly believing all is okay until it is too late.

Children always have good faith in people; believing in people; just blindly believing in the goodness within each man.

Their false promises and gifts are not worth it...you will see they turn out to be nothing in comparison to what they did to you; the damage and scarring you had to endure.

When these crooks turn out untrustworthy varmints abusing your trust to satisfy some other selfishly sick perversions you see that all those things they promised you were never worth your time.

I mean what protection can they truly provide when in some power position when all they do is abuse you; where is the guardianship in that?

What high could they possibly promise to give you when all they truly seek is to bring you down and keep you down?

You see when the trust is abused you are faced with a dilemma being disillusioned when the true intent makes all those promises appear worthless; so why fall for it next time from any such person that you know will disappoint you in the end?

Thank God for this experience and lesson learned early on; it is true I am thankful for the life experience and wisdom gained through all the trauma I had to endure...

For if it were not for the hell that larceners put me through I would have never been able to know True Love from Fake Love....

What they taught me is that there can be no real Love in fake Love or something to pretend to be like love but truly is not and can never be!!!!!

Where is the Love in abuse?

They should not tell the children they seek to violate that they love them because that is utter tripe!!!!

Not even those who promise young girls money are truly concerned with their future well-being only interested in providing a home without love...where is the sense in all this?

There is no sense in all these fake promises made; making it clear nonsense not worthy to ever begin to fall for in the first place; I wish I knew then what I did now; but this knowledge gained thanks to child abusers spared me a lot of future pain by knowing NOT TO TRUST certain people for things you know they cannot provide!
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1 Response May 14, 2012

As you know I had to skim due to long story and my limited ability and attention. But I gained some wonderful insight from you and am very proud that you view it as it should be at this time in your life...You have insight into this subject through unfortunate yet spiritually necessary? trials and first hand experience. My experience in this area is very mild, yet I hate molesters of children and abusers of children and animals. When I am in one of my psycho rages, I send the rage to my guide with the request to take it to a child molester and torment them. It sounds gruesome, and actually I hope it is. I dont want to waste my 25 years of dark arts experience so I matters well do some good? Cackle!Kim

Hahaha... I understand where you are coming from; a good way to deal with the rage; do not let it get lost use it to do some good wack a criminal on its arse...hehehe...utilize it for good use; sounds perfectly reasonable to me being the wielder of Karma when it comes to these crooks LOL.

After all rage is pure energy. ROFL