Pedophiles Are The Only Thing Worse Than Rapists.

Rape is horrific.  It is denial of the will of the victim in an intimate way.  It is destructive.  It is vile.

Pedophiles take rape and apply it to a child.  Sometimes they are gentle, sort of.  Members of their family, they use the child's love and trust and natural curiosity and use it to "make the child want it".  To me, who hates rape, it makes rape look like a game of dingdongditch.

You're taking a child, who doesn't know intimacy, or sexuality, and introducing them to it as if it's a fun game.  Perhaps you don't even go that far, simply forcing the child.  When I say child, I don't care if it's 6 or 16, the act of raping a child by guile, force, or otherwise, is still rape.

It's absolutely horrific, and the best we can do as individuals, is try to eliminate people like this.  This is not an illness to treat anymore than a viper or scorpion having venom can be treated.  These things should be destroyed on sight, before they act.

Pedophiles, do us a favor, commit suicide.  Save us the bullets and prison and court costs.
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May 25, 2012