I Still Don't Know What To Think....

The relationship I had with my abusive boyfriend was very different, I think from others. He hit me, but we got into mutual fights with eachother. I was brought up to defend myself so anytime I was hit, I would def try to hit back, or at least defend myself from the beating that as going on. It was really confusing, and hurt alot. Any opionions?
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

Please read my stories. I also hit and verbaly fought back. Do not feel guilty. There is a huge difference between a MAN hitting a WOMAN and a WOMAN hitting a MAN. No matter the size, men are just stronger than women. They KNOW this. <br />
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Be careful though because the law will prosecute no matter if you are a woman or a man. If he is hitting you, and you are hitting back he wil probably try to call the cops on you. Or maybe his family will (there is a reason he acts like that.)<br />
How much more control, and how much more will you need him if you have a record, huh?? Think about it.<br />
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Next time he hits you, get a police report, and FILE IT.<br />
It will be on record. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THROUGH AND FILE IT.<br />
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He will make you feel like SUCH ABSOLUTE **** for getting it and filing it, and the abuse might get worse.<br />
Get a restraining order and put him away.<br />
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He will recieve mandatory councling, and it will be good for him.<br />
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You will need councling as well, but YOU ARE NOT THE CRAZY BITHCH WOMAN HE IS MAKING YOU THINK YOU ARE.<br />
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I am here if you need to talk.<br />
I felt guilty for long time too, it getts better.