I Was Mentally, Verbally, And Physically Abused By My Boyfriend

He basically wanted me all to himself.. Even when i wouldnt do something wrong he'd hit me. It would be anywhere from saying something he didn't like, or dressed a way he didn't like. he'd keep telling me he loves me so i'd go back. He beat me 6 times. the verbal abuse never stopped. daily and i mean daily i'd call him be sweet and caring.. he would call me ugly, stupid, slow, a retard, a bi***, and so on. He gets me down so i could lose my confidence and never move on. He keeps promising to change only when i change and become a good girlfriend, which i have been. I have been faithful, nice, caring, supportive. even when he was horrible. i cant take it anymore. please someone give me advice.. i really need it, i need someone to talk to, and feel like someone understands me.... 
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Leave him, no matter what he says

Hi I think you should move on pray for a better boyfriend if he never changes he does not love you and don't fall for it cause the same thing is going to happen over and over again, I hope you have a better boyfriend good luck

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Get the F*** out chica!!! I mean damn.......he call u ugly??!!?? Stupid????? Retarted???? How much more do u honestly need to hear that he does not really love u? If a man love his girl he would NEVER call her ugly or retarted! Honey if you do not think u are worth more than that............I feel so sorry for u~ Nuff said!!

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i really really appericate your comment. I left him about a week if not more ago, and i do feel better. Hes been calling non stop trying to get back, but im moving on. Its people like you telling me the truth that are helping/pushing me to be stronger so thank you very much.

You only have one life to live. Do you really want to be wasting precious time on someone who doesn't love you? I don't care what anyone says--Love does not hurt. There is someone out there waiting for you. Waiting to treat you like the QUEEN that you are, not a dirty dog. That's what your boyfriend is treating you like. A low down dirty dog. You are better than that. Take a stand and start living for you, sweetie.