I Will Not Be Broken

What began as a beautiful relationship of equal respect and partnership ended with a Protection from Abuse Order- I'd never realized how much my pride could harm me until after I was free of him and left to reflect upon what went horribly wrong. I'm not someone that anyone would expect to be in an abusive marriage (which also kept me from ending it sooner or letting people know that I was being tortured in every manner imaginable)- a successful career, bountiful resources, physical strength, extensive education (about subjects including domestic violence). It's not easy to explain how I got where I was from where I'd been, but what I think is most important is that I have succeeded in overcoming it- others who 're struggling with this or feeling discouraged about finding a way out need to know that it's not easy but it CAN be done and is worth it. I know that it helped me immeasurably.
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Yea, I am going to write a book about my situation. It did not envolve drugs, alcohol, or religious abuse. The man in my life ost his frontal lobe boundaries and common sense and this added to his basic autocratic nature and passive aggressive personality became something to run awy from . The problem was that I had two kids and was living in the Far East for 8 years with no work history in the States. How was I going to get home, make a living, and make a divorce?<br />
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Well, I did it. It WAS NO EASY. BUT it WAS worth it. <br />
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