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I got married out of desperation to get out of the house.  He seemed like a nice enough guy.  I knew him from church.  About two weeks in to being married he started to yell at me.  It got worse from there.  I really don't remember most of the 4 1/2 years I was married to him, because he managed to convince people that I was crazy which resulted in me being medicated into a stupor.  I was led around and manipulated, like a zombie.  Hospitalized many times, most of which were overdoses that I did not cause.  He had been mixing sedatives into my food.  Somehow, in a moment of lucidity I managed to leave.  We were divorced three months later.

A warning to all young people thinking that marriage is the quick and easy way out of a bad situation.  Trust me, it can get worse.
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I am glad you managed to get out of that situation. Thank you for sharing your story.