I Was Neglected By Immediate Family And Abused By Uncle

well i am the youngest in my family, my i didnt really know my mother she left when i was 5 years old. My dad raised us in the church he was a pastor , i had a good life with him, he spoilt me being the youngest, he passed away when i was 10 years old, we came to live with our mother all of my other siblings plus mother step father picked on me hit me, then when i was 12 i was sent away from family to mothers brother he would drink every night, well then he would beat me up like a man like punch my face in kick my head in, or stomp my head in while i screamed and cried my siblings and mother were here in aus living their lives, he was bad to me , now i lived on the streets, then i went through the juevinille justice system lived in half way houses, cause he wasnt allowed take me back lived most of my life alcohol and drug abuse, came here to see family well distant from them, mother still puts me down i feel so sad and lonely a lot of times , i try my hardest to do the right thing all the time well i quit my last job as a cleaner, y patience is limited started smoking pot again to i dont know enjoy feel happy only have druggie friends i wish i could have a normal happy life but where do i start?
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

start by having friends that do good and go to the police

Meditation is one of the ways. It can bring you peace and beauty. Once God Is with you will have the strength to deal with the good and bad. I ended up in a treatment center. From there I had a constructive life style.