Heaven 3

Again tonight she attacked me but this time was worst of all. She came in while I was asleep and picked me up. Immediately I started trying to get away. She took me to a club called waddles penguin company for lesbians. There was a sign on the door that said bring lesbians that don't know they're lesbians and get an unlimited time of free lesbian sex with free alcohol! My aunt walked in and gestured to the door then pointed at me. Loads of people dived at me ripping off my clothes, then each others. They put me in tights and that was all. They took pictures of me with boobs and ****** in my mouth before ripping off my tights and taking pictures of tongues, fingers and toes in my *****. They put the tights back on and got out vibrators. They teased each other then me before ripping off my tights again. They made me 69 then they French kissed me, forcing their tongues in my mouth. Then they made me pee into their mouths, then they peed in mine. Whenever anyone had an ****** I had to hold them tight. About an hour before we left I was forced in the shower and people rubbed me down with soap and their bare hands before forcing me to do the same. They used their fingers and tongues and vibrators in my arse while I was lying on the floor in the shower. When I got out I was carried home flashing off my ***** and arse while my aunt shoved her finger up my arse. She walked in three me in my bed shut the door and walked out. She's calling.
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call the police

I feel sorry for you wanna talk about it


blazing hottttt!

the f***. thats messed up