Under Attack

Slap in the face
Thrown against the wall
Beaten senseless
Did it help you at all?

Did it help with your pain
Did it make him come back
Did you ever wonder how it felt
To always be under attack?

So I just sit in my room
And I look at the ceiling
Afraid to tell anyone
what I'm feeling

Please help me
I can't take anymore
Suicide failed
And no body's there

Just walk away
that's what you always do
you don't care
what you put me through

It's all over now
And you want me back??
I can't just go back now
I'm no longer under attack
noname2071 noname2071
18-21, F
1 Response May 25, 2012

Emotional.. I like the way a story is put into poetry, its sometimes and easier way to tell it and to express emotion... Im sorry for what you went through xXx