I was young it started when I was 7 n continued till I was 9 years old . then I moved away. I would see my mom for days on end ... I was a little girl and I had to take care of my little brother from when he was 1 through 3 years old . my mom would could home in the middle of the night n my little bro n I would be sleeping n shed come In all high off of black (Herion) n start beating me for no reason then she would go for my little brother but I wouldn't let her n even thoe I was little and couldn't put up as much of a big fight I still put up a big fight to protect my little brother n I would always take the beating for my little brother because I wouldn't want anything to happen to him . I love him . she would beat me before I went to school n she never got up to take me she's take me when ever she woke up sometime if be 1 in the after noon just when ever n she's beat me n I'd walk in to the office to get a tardy slip n have red marks on my face from my mom n I'd being trying my hardest not to cry n hold it in. but they sent me to the councilor n I would always have to make up lies of why I was crying and had all these marks and bruses on my body to protect my mom. I've been taught my her since I was little deny deny deny. no matter all the bullshit she put me through I've always had her back .
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My parents were heroin addicts since I was 6 till I was 12/13. I was severely bullied for it but my parents never beat me up.

I saw a lot though... People coming in and out of the house. I'd seen my parents beaten up many times with different weapons. I'd seen people enter our flat and beat my mum up.

Tbh though, I think it's made me a lot wiser to this day and it's made me the person I am. Even if you hate your past, remember it made you a stronger person.

That's really sad... So there's absolutely no way of over coming it?

I was abused by pupils in primary a lot... Yet I'm fine now and I know everyone deals with things differently. Although to this day, I beyond hate them all.

I'm not completely healthy, I'll admit. I do have a low self esteem and I'm pretty insecure.

I think how I go about with it is, I act like I don't care, like anything anyone says doesn't hurt me, like I don't need anyone. It's worked so far... But for how much longer I don't know.

I just want to get away from the people who hurt me and get on with the life I want.