I have had a lot of trouble even saying that. She was a wonderful person to lots of other people, and I'm not sure my perception of event is accurate. I haven't lived with her for 4 years, but the pain doesn't stop
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I am sorry that you had this experience ... you didnt deserve it and well done for saying it,.... i know its not easy to admit that someone that was supposed to love and care for you did the exact opposite... I totally understand what you mean when you say that she is a wonderful person to lots of other people,... my mum is the exact same...i call her the street angel and the house devil...on the outside she is kind and caring but behind closed doors she was more evil than anyone will ever know... Have you had any counselling for the stuff that happened you? I know it wont take the pain away but it might help you cope a little better with it... please take car of yourself... xx