Kept Quiet And Swept Under The Rug

my name is ben. im 21 and now have two of my own children. as a child my dad left when i was one year old and my mum met a new man and married him when i was very young. he used to hit me around like a rag doll. he bust my nose open. played mind games, bullied me. practically kept me prisoner for years. grabbed me round throat countless times. he also destroyed my relationship with my real dad. and loads more things i dont have time to write at this time. i have confronted him and my mum so many times and they both deny it. they also make me look stupid infront of relatives when i try and tell them. id love to take revenge but that would make me their equal. however i 'carry' it around with me every day and i need urgent help which is why i have been to the doctors and they have sent me to a councellor. im so bitter towards them but i realise that justice will never ever be served for the mnd torture that i suffer with constantly, every day is a battle as i have flash backs. ''i hope one day i can let go''
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I know what you have been through, I have 2 grandsons have been abused by their stepfather since they were 1 and 2 years old, everytime I tried to make him stop, he would bully me and still does, he is a sick Malignant Narcissist, and they are the most sick child abusers their are, he is highly jealous of them, but doesn't abuse his son by our daughter, he also has bad felony record and has came close to going to prison, and still abuses them emotionally and humiliates them daily, beat and tortured them for years, I would love to talk to you more, please can you call me, 770-298-1600, I live in Ga, Thu is a cell phone unlimited service, I might can help you, I have Been studying these kind of abusers for 6 years now.

I know exactly how u feel i went through similar. u are going to get through this. give up on tryin to get the truth abusers will never admit. keep the people who love and respect you and get rid of the rest, i believe that by us coming together and telling our stories and help eachother with comments we will get though this as a community
big hugs