When i was 8 years old. my stepfather used to hit me with a ping-pong paddle and would hit me over and over and over until i was crying and so sore i couldn't even move my legs or feet. This went on until i was 10 years old and then my mom said that it was time to stop and so he stopped. But he continued behind my mom's back.he pulled my hair,tripped me,hit me,kicked me,and just made me sore. i told the police but they didn't believe me. no one ever believes anyone anymore .i dont live with him anymore but he still scares me and i dont like being alone with him.
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If your old enough buy a gun

Yes! Definately take pics of the bruising he leaves, and if you are able, somehow you can hide a camera, or have a webcam on somewhere hidden where you can capture this abuse live and then he cannot deny it and they will see the truth! God bless you darlin and hope you get some help soon!

Yes take pictures of your bruises and everything you can. Then take the pictures to the police. You have to get help

You need to get evidence. Take a picture of your bruise. My friend called social services and they were out just as she hung up the phone.