Flower Children

Wow.  More often than not, it's the step father isn't it?  My step father was into beating, but not nearly as bad as the stepfather of natlynn.  Iwas beaten black and blue once, and knocked out once, the rest were just  welts and such.  There was always a reason too.  My brother and I were having a "dirt clod " fight. You know, those clumps of dirt in a plowed field.  He used his fists that time.  Contradicting him was a guaranteed beating. whether it was trivial or not.  The time I was knocked out, I was ten. It's one of those things you remember so clearly. We had an artesian well, so my step dad rigged a siphon out of the well and down to the fields.   I would bring water up with one of those buckets with the plunger at the bottom that would open as the bucket submerged and close as you drew it up.  Well , I didn't realize that the bucket had caught on the hose and broke the siphon, so I just continued filling buckets with water.  My step dad comes running up the draw and asks me if I "messed with the siphon hose?"  Of course I said "no sir", and he looks at me and says, "Son, you're too old for a whipping."  I got that ice cold feeling in my gut and WHAM- I received my very first "hay maker".  My poor mom was just as terrified of him as we were.  In that place, in those days, You could go to school not being able to sit down, or with bruises, and no one would blink an eye. We were supposed to be flower power organic hippies, but that's the way it was. Actually that style of discipline was the general rule in the 1800's, so I'll chalk it up to karma. That didn't make it feel any better though. I'm sorry, natlynn, mine may have been a bad dream but yours was a nightmare. I hope you've gotten  well inside.                                
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I just hearted this because of how well it was written. The story itself makes me angry and breaks my heart at the same time.

Thank you kitty410. I appreciate that.

I'm sorry about all of that, he sounds(/ed) like a rotten person. Beating up your kids is just weak. When they're not your real children, it shouldn't be any different. Anyway, I hope you're getting past it now. At least you can live your own life now, without him in it.

this is just terrible. just terrible. I'm so happy you've survived and hopeful you are happy in and with life now.

i've been there too & i can never 4give my father or even 4get what he did to me i hate him so much more and more everyday

bullshit that you have to forgive only you need to forgive yourself to let go of guilt i wish it hadnt happened to you my father has an explosive temper an i still feel scared of him an im 43 its sad

Don't forgive your father for his sake. Do it for your own. "Forgiving someone doesn't mean you condone what he did, only that you give up the right to punish him." You don't have to agree with his reasons, but you should try to find out what made him the way he was, for we are all products of our environment. The key to forgiveness is understanding. It isn't easy, but it is critical to the success of moving forward in your life. Is he still alive? If he has never apologized for his trespassings, then don't involve him in this process, but you must still understand and forgive in order to heal yourself.<br />
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My very old and experienced two cents worth.

I have been there too. I still can't forgive my father for the things that he did to me. I hate it that other people have been done the same way.

Wow.... other people who grew up just like me.... <br />
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Sad to think that parents could do that to their children -even step children... it's not right.....

Thanks for sharing your story puck61, I think it's cathartic just to get this **** out there, you know?