Me Personal Hell , & He's Satan .

My name is Tiffany, Im 14 years old, ( 6 more months till I'm 15 ) I'm a Freshman in Highschool & a pretty good student. But this is not where my suffering began. It all started when I was 5 years old. My mother & father had split up, I dont really remember why but I do remember my mother waking me up and telling me to pack my things. It was probably in mid septemeber because I had just started 1st grade, so anyways I asked her where we were going and she told me we would be staying with a " friend " of hers for a little while, she went outside and she hailed a cab. I thought we were going to my mothers friend Desiree's apartment but we didint we went to the building across the street from hers. So then I started thinking we were going to stay with my grandmother because the building we were going into was where she lived, but so did her " friend " who would very very soon become my step father. For the first couple of weeks I was doing ok not really so much good because I was dealing with my Grandmothers passing away a month before and my parents divorce. Me, my mother, & her " friend " who was now her boyfriend all slept on his room on his bed in his mothers appartment. One nigh my mother & her boyfriend were watching a movie & I was still awake not tired at all. My mother would go to the bathroom every 15 mins or so and everytime she left he would move closer to me and start hittin me on my head pushing me more and more off the edge of the bed & he kept on telling me to fall asleep but not in a very nice way. I started to cry but very silently so my mother wouldn't notice I don't know why he wanted me to fall asleep so badly till this day I still don't know. My mother would notice how close I was to falling offthe bed so she would pull me back up so I wouldn't fall but eventually she would have to go back to the bathroom & he'd push me and hit me again but stopped when he heard my mother coming back. All I would think to myself is " please mommy don't go to the bathroom please mommy ". Eventually my mother saw the pattern and noticed me crying so my mother already knew what was going on so she told me to go to the bathroom and closed the room door behind me when I came back all I heard was him hitting her and her yellig at him and cryin being 5 at the time u didn't know what to do so I just started crying and screaming for help. Soon his mother came out And opened the door my mother apologized for him doing that to me and said she would leave him. & when you're young you're supposed to believe you parents and I believed her but she never left. He kept on abusing me and her fo many years. He abuse me for the fac that his family liked me instead of his daughter and took his anger out on me, he abused my mother when he was drunk which was every day and night. But she never left even after she told me she would we were always so close but then he would always want to talk to her and she would always say yes and leave me nthe hallway and when she was done talking she would always tell me to come back into the house because we were staying. I went into depression when I was 8 years old because of it and started to not believe my mother when she said she would leave him. She forced me to call him " Daddy " which i didn't like at all but she used an excuse that If I called him by his name so will my little brothers. But when I would tell yer she didn't call her step father daddy and her little sisters dirt call him by his first name she would get angry at me and for me to stop being a smart ***. 2 years ago he left her and went to Florida for a month doing god knows what. She said she was gonna leave him once again but then said she wasn't because my brothers needed a father funny thing is that she didn't think I needed a father when she left mines. Then on July 23rd of 2009 it happened again he, abused her again on my brothers birthday. She kicked him out the house and told him if he wasn't gonna change then they were over. She apologized for sacraficing my happiness to be with him and said she wasn't gonna get back with him but this time she said It I didnt believe her even when she asked me if I did and. Said yes but I really didn't. He then came back and she let him stay she told me that he can't become a better person if his mother is insulting him. Which I knew was just anther excuse to let him stay she told me even though he's here she's not together with him but after 2 weeks they were kissing and sleeping together. I HATE him so much for everything he's put me through and my mother gets mad at me cause I don't talk to him and cause I'm not happy at home. I try as hard as I can by I can't I gave him to many chances I just can't deal with It anymore everytime I come home from school I ge depressed. But I guess my mother is too much in love with him to think about my happiness so my house is my personal Hell and my stepfather is Satan.

P.S Sorry for the typos i was in a rush and did this on my iTouch
TiffanyCorina TiffanyCorina
13-15, F
Feb 13, 2010