Still Think Of Him

he used to throw me up against walls and put his hands on my neck. he would cuss me out and make me cry. i was with him for three years. its been two years now since me and him have been done. sometimes i wonder was it my fault he did what he did to me or was it his? alot of it still haunts me its hard for me to stay in relationships because of it. its hard for me to sleep at night. its hard for me to go about my day. i still see him every now and then because he lives in the same town as me. it makes me so paranoid though. how do i get over it?
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

Abuse is NEVER your fault. He also emotionally abused you thus the attachment which you still feel towards him. Do your best to see as little of him as possible. You need him completely out of your life in order to heal.

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