Birth Mom, Dad And Stepdad

i was sexually abused by both my birth parents, physically and psychologically abused by all three.

Constantly called stupid... worthless... told my smile didn't look right... told dad would take his lighter and burn me... told i would be knocked into the middle of next week...

hit by all three...

in hypnotherapy i was able to remember my dad anally raping me. NOT FUNNY! **** you anyway. YES i have a problem with homosexual rape jokes! i'm glad it didn't happen to you!

**** you anyway.

The first time he did it i recall i had stolen a shot of my aunt's whiskey when they came over for a visit when i was maybe 5. i didn't understand what the word "whiskey" meant and she didn't put her hand on the glass to stop me. Then, in my drunken stupor, my uncle and my dad took turns anally raping me. And mom could never figure out why i had incontinence. she punished me for my incontinence... assumed it was related to disobedience.

i remember other times of dad giving me beer... and even after she asked him to leave she used to have him come over and babysit my sister and i on the nights she had church choir. But at that small size i had no ability to tell what was going on with even a bit of alcohol on board.

After mom married stepdad i think the sex abuse stopped. Because the incontinence (poop accidents) went away and i became severely constipated. To the point that i almost had to have surgery to get the stool out of me. Lots of verbal abuse... and i recall i couldn't stand the pain in my butt when they tried to teach me to ride a bike. i became convinced that the standard banana-type seat was NOT the only kind available... but they wouldn't budge. And now at 33 i don't know how to ride a bike.

When we got away from stepdad, mom used to chastise me when i walked past her bedroom door when she was unclothed. Until finally i said "You know, mom, you can close the door when you dress."

"Oh... i tried to do it... strategically..."

"CLOSE the DOOR when you dress. Push it shut ALL the WAY until it LATCHES." i know i wasn't the first child who had to teach a parent. i was 17 years old.


"If you need help, i'll teach you."
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I can relate to this Story<br />
How they learn the psychology of abuse astounds me.<br />
it's like inherent in them the art of abuse.<br />
I felt My parents were professional Abuse artists<br />
They had a real ability for it. Then I think where did they<br />
learn to do that, Abuse someone like that. Then say it's normal<br />
this what life like darlin wake up to yourself.<br />
Your guamless boy<br />
Really I feel so guilty not being an abuse artist.<br />
But Alas there are abuse cycles inherent in me<br />
like curses they get passed from adult to sibling.<br />
I think the fear starts during the nurturing process<br />
or lack of proper nurturing.. a kind of nurturing rough<br />
and abusive tho they got no patience for it to demanding.<br />
hurry and grow so I wont have to Bother. Attitude<br />
They had a good guise my parents.<br />
Always worked always put the tucker on the table<br />
and this somehow justified there Abuse.<br />
I was frightened as a Child boy listening to<br />
my Sister getting abused at 10 pm it was lewd<br />
and aggressive he was laying into her with<br />
a few open hand whacks the Father. He was scary...