Never Leaves Me

My mother abused me. Almost every day. It was mostly verbal and what's weird for me is I've been out of denial for a long time but when my minister asked me if there was any physical I told him no but there was some. Not enough to leave bruises or blood. . . she was too smart for that. I've been through bring numb, depression, feeling suicidal while healing but even so I hate seeing my parents. I'm going there for Thanksgiving and dreading it; the thought of it makes me ill. I wouldn't go except I never get to see my brother and sister, who she didn't abuse, except once a year. I hate being 33 and still scared of my mother. . .it makes me feel weak and stupid. I'm happy to be in a group that understands what I feel and I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

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2 Responses Nov 25, 2008

awww thanks Rhiannon69:)

If she starts up....Just tell her that you are a grown-up now...And what is past....and go to another room....Say...Oh My...Running low on ice...I will go and get some....or what ever it takes...<br />
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But if you live close to your parents...You might just think of having bro and sis over to your house for coffee and pie...Might make it a little easier