I Was Abused By My Boyfriend

A bout 5 years ago I met my last boyfriend and I fell in love with him. I was so in love that I would do anything for him. That this became reality I couldn't expect at that moment.

It started as a very nice romance, I loved him, he loved me and we did a lot of things together. I noticed that I started to be a little jaleous, he did get some attention from other girls, but sure he was good looking. And he was mine.

After 6 months I moved in with him. I was just 18 and he was 23. From that point things became worse. The more time we spend together, the less interested he was in me. I thougt that it was my fault so i started to make myself more interesting.

I noticed that he didn't pay any attention to me if I didn't want to have sex the night before. So I started to give in, and we had sex everytime he wanted. That worked for some time, then he wanted to do sexual things that are not really standard.... and again he started to loose interest in my after i refused.....So i gave in, this went on for more then a year. each time he went a little further and each time I gave in, not directly but in the end he made me do it. The terrible thing was that he made it my choice, so he never made me do it, he playde with me so that I decided it myself.....

That year i went from a decent young girl to some kind of ****, doing all kind of sex acts that he wanted, DP, anal, roleplay, FF etc....After that it really became worse, he wanted to go to a swingerclub and if i didn't go with him, he would go with someone else....so I went... looking back at it, I have been his entrance ticket to the club, without a girl besides him they wouldn't have let him in. It has taken more then a year from that point for me te realise that I could stop it. In the mean time he has humiliated me, rented me out to others, watched doing the things that he wanted me to... and made me believe I wanted it myself.....I know that I said yes, but I didn't want it... He played with my mind...... It does feel good to have this of my mind, but the most important reason for me to tell this is that I hope that others my recognise this in their own relation before it is to late! You are important yourself, don't make anyone force you to do what you don't want!
linda linda
26-30, F
Feb 26, 2007