**** Happens

My father sexually abused me between the ages of 1-3yrs luckily for me i don't remember this but scaring and medical reports do. Then from the ages of 4-9yrs the man i trusted and loved, my step grandfather abused me every single time we went to visit. (over 20 times a year staying for weeks) After he raped me i told my mum and we do not speak to that part of the family anymore, they are all nut jobs. I hate them. My Nan cut us (my mum and i) off from seeing my auntie and my uncle. I haven't seen my cousins since i was nine i am now 14. I don't know why but in life i have this great resentment for my mother i hate her so much. Its like the worst personality clash i have ever seen i run away all the time and i want to move out but can not find a job to support myself.  So currently i am miserable and at a dead end street in my life and I'm am just out of petrol. *sigh*
BiPolarBear BiPolarBear
18-21, F
Jun 4, 2007