I loved a Guy I Was secretly seeing.I made a mistake by sleeping with his bestfriend And not telling him sooner.he saw me today.I thought he had calmed down but I Was wrong.at First I thought we were going to have sex because he made me take all of my clothes off.I stood in front of him.he grabbed me by my hair n twisted it while pushing me to the floor. He kept telling me howmuch I hurt him.he started slapping my face very hard on both sides.we started having sex.he slapped me again.this time he busted both my bottom And top lips.he choked me till I couldn't breathe.did I deserve it? I told him I didn't mean tosleep with his friend.he then told me he didn't mean to beat me up.I love him so much.I never expected things to get like this. Its hard to forget wht he did to me And I know he Was wrong to hit me.why do I Still want him? :((
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why did u sleep with his best friend or any other dude when you belong to him? both of you have been v.wrong

That's an abusive relationship. You should leave him. Plain and simple. If it happened once it'll happen again. So what you slept with his best friend, I doubt he confronted his best friend about it too. It takes two people to have sex.

You didn't have sex. He raped you