Abused Over N Over

When I was 8 my mum left my dad and moved us into this other guys house a few wee passed and I was missing my dad and sister I wasnt sleeping well and I was in my mums bed but when I woke up her newman was lying naked behind me stroking my hair then taking my hand to touch his penis I grabbed my hand bk and jumped out of bed what did he do that for was it my fault. At night I used towake upwith hi touching meand it was worse when isent through puberty he would grab me and demand I show him myself I always felt dirty he never raped me but he tried tobut my mum came home I only managed to escape the abuse when I was 19 after I had my daughter I moved out and away from him but when I see him my mum always says oh show xxx ur bruise on ur leg or tummy he hasnt been able to have sex for 8 years they always ask my child to stay I say no cause I am scared he will touch her my mum wouldnt believe me as he touched my sister at 16 and she told my mum and she said noway is it true I dont know what to do
judy12 judy12
31-35, F
Jan 16, 2013