I posted this from another account, but I lost it. When I was young, around seven or eight I was taking swimming lessons at the local YMCA. The instructor, who was in her mid twenties, was making us do this exercise where you had to jump in the pool, touch the bottom and push off to spring out of the water. I had recently got a new swimsuit that was pretty big on me but I didn't think anything would happen. When it was my turn I jumped in just fine, but when I pushed off of the bottom my suit slipped down past my feet and completely off my body. I was so embarrassed. There were two other boys, and about seven girls in my group, they all died laughing, especially the girls who started screaming to everyone that I was naked. This attracted a large crowd of girls my age and several giggling teenaged girls. The instructor told them to stop laughing, and she told me to put my suit back on. By then it had floated up about six feet away. I swam over to get it covering myself the best that I could. I put it back on and shakily began to climb out of the pool. There was not a ladder nearby so I just used the edge. You guessed it, when I pushed out of the pool my suit slipped down to my knees. This exposed my front to all of the girls on the edge of the pool, and my butt to the girls still in the pool, the laughing increased. My instructor quickly jumped in front of me and pulled my suit up, she then sent me to the office to get a safety pen to tighten my shorts up. I did that and then nervously returned to the large group of girls who had all seen me naked and were still laughing.
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Aug 22, 2014