I Lost An Article Of Clothing

I was wearing this purple two piece bikini, the bottoms tied on each side with what I now call "shoe strings". This was an Independence Day (July 4th) celebration. We had a cook out, went swimming, and did some exploring the nature trails. The park was packed, there were so many people there that if we hadn't gone early, we would not have gotten a shelter. This was an outing with my great grandma and some relatives from my mothers side of the family, I am so glad my mother wasn't there. I was spending the summer with my great grand ma, and also spent time with my aunt, she was a wild card, so we always had fun. On this particular day, we decided not to take much else besides a few towels, all of the vehicles were loaded down with the items for the cook out and chairs, just things we knew we would need. Some one (wasn't me) forgot to pick up the small duffel bag with our extra clothing, such as shirts and shorts that we would need to change into so we wouldn't get the seats wet.
The day had went so well up until around 6;00pm that evening. We got bored, and my cousins, (most I only got to see during the time that they came in from other states) and me decided to goof off on the play ground. Every one was waiting until dark to watch the spectacular shoe of fire works. We goofed off on the swings, monkey bars, and the thing (I can't remember what it was called) that would go around and around, it would make you dizzy and a little nauseous, (I always got nausea from this). We used to dare one another to see who could stay on longer without getting sick, I guess you figured it out, I never won that one, lol, Eventually, boredom set in again, so someone got the bright idea that we should go own the slide. I thought we were too old, but participated anyway, We were a group that cherished our time together because we didn't often get the chance to hang out and associate. There was about 12 of us, at the time. Each person kept taking turns to slide down the tall slide, and finally it was yet again my turn. I was so tired and decided this was the last time I would slide. I really wish I would have decided that on the last turn, then maybe i wouldn't have been so embarrassed by what happened next. i down I went, and when I reached the ground with my feet, I felt a cool breeze where there should not have been one, right across my back side. I was standing there with my T-shirt on over the bikini top, but the bottoms had caught on a screw that was sticking out a little to much, and they were hanging from the slide. I WAS MORTIFIED! My cousin, thank God for Gregory, had brought an extra pair of shorts. But we had to make it back to the car and it was quite a distance. My cousin took his shirt off, so I could slide my legs through the arm holes and cover my @$$ until we could get the shorts. (Go ahead, I know someone is cracking up!) Since that day, I only wore whole piece bathing suits, My bikini days were over.i think that was the most embarrassed I have ever been in public!!!
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Keep wearing a two piece bikini, just don't get on that slide anymore

This was not as bad but for me just as embarrassing for me as your story probably was, I was at summer camp, and I was using the restroom, and at a skating rink and the latch was a little busted, and they kept kicking and kicking until the door was open, and I had to get up (which is what they wanted so they can spread rumours about my, um, size they were older then me, and to just embarrass me. I can remember if I was a good size or not so... xD

Sorry they did that to you. Some of us are just asstards!

I am also sorry that happened to you. I agree that people can be asstards, that was extremely cruel and uncalled for. Please remember this one piece of advice: Size isn't important, it's how you interact with others, the way you treat others, because it's those kinds of actions that will make some girl fall deeply in love with you. Penis size has nothing to do with that. Good sex can come from different sizes. Believe me, if you are kind, and you actually care about others, that's the real turn on for many women.

I fell out of my gym shorts as a kid at the public pool once on a saturday! :(
I climbed out of the pool to go off the high dive again and my gym shorts were half inside out with part of me hanging out!
I was red faced the rest of the afternoon...

I can so relate to your embarrassment. It's times like that we never forget, they leave a mark on us that reminds us that we are human.

Lost butt :-), found<br /><br />
Great Story. Thanks for the smile<br /><br />
<br /><br />

You are welcome. That day was once the most embarrASSing day of my life. I will never forget that day even when I am old and have Alzheimers. Not even old timers can take away a memory that still turns me red at times...lol


Awesome story!<br />
If the shirt were long enough to cover you, would you have considered just wearing the shirt until you got back home to your missing duffel bag? That would be HOT!

I had to put my legs through the arms, not wear it as a shirt, it wouldn't have been long enough because of the type of shirt he was wearing, it was horrible, nothing hot about that kind of embarrassment I assure you.!!

The way you describe the park and the people reminds me a lot about my childhood and going to fourth of July celebrations, and visiting my Grandma in a small town in Utah. The merry-go-round and the big slide was so much fun. I spent hours of my life in that park.

I know the feeling. I used to love this park as well. it was named after a famous Indian chief. Many people come from other states every year to that park.


At the time, it was "yikes, oh no"! lol..

Great to have good cousin's to count on in times of need did you ever hang upside down on the monkey bars and your shirt was up around you neck and your boobs were out for all to see!! That all a part of growing up and great to look back on and laugh!!

Never hung upside down on the monkey bars, but still have a few embarrassing moments that I can look back on now and laugh....

Boy, when you said you went on an "outing" you weren't kidding, bikini breeze babe.

Thank you, I always look forward to your comments.......

Yes, I can look back now and laugh, even though it is still somewhat embarrassing. I learned a valuable lesson from that day: Be selective when it comes to swim wear. My cousin always was a gentleman. I haven't seen hm or his siblings i many years, and I miss them. The bottoms were totally unusable. I was o mortified, he even stood in front of me to help block the "view". Thank God. <br />
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