Life Altering

My wife accused me of cheating last year.
I was already fighting depression, and had shared every thought with my wife. With her help, and the help of a shrink, I began to center upon the problem. I was middle aged, and had no true friends. Previously my wife chose all my friends for me and made all the decisions in our realtionship.. So, I told her I wanted to really get to know people, and began to open up my heart to some common friends who we saw daily on our dog walks. Initially this seems to be working and I thought I had a really good group of freinds. The problem is one of the friends (who had been very helpful to me) is a single female, and my wife became very jealous. My wife ran to the neighbourhood gossip and told her that I was having an affair with this single female (the thought had never even occured to me). The rumor floated around without my knowledge for a couple weeks.. I could not figure out why all of the sudden my friends (including the single female neighbour) seemed to be avoiding me. When I did find out I tried to defend myself, which was a mistake, as it makes one appear even more guilty. I tried to speak with my single friend, figuring she would surely back me up, but has to this day continued to avoid me (which is something I just can't understand).
Needless to say, I've been hurt all around.. and now I don't feel I can confide in my wife or friends anymore. Should I be able to let it go, when my life has been changed so dramitically?.. I feel like the child who was given candy, and then had it taken away again.
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I know this story ahppened awhile ago..but Im sorry to hear the way thinsg went...I have been (and am alittle now) right where youa re as far as being lonely and having zero conneciton w/ my husband...the truth is..I swear..that i ahve always gotten along w/ guys/men better...and this is exactly drama...backstabbing...gossip... i loathe all of that..I hoipe things get better for you..and if you ever want to could certainly pm me...

That is true. If you don't have other outlets this place is good to make friends. I am lucky, in that I have friends that I have had for many years. Some of these people I have brought to EP with me. I hope things work out for you.

I am sorry this happened to you. The female friend is avoiding you because she is embarrassed and wonders if you had deeper feelings for her than what you shared. If she doesn't speak to you then there is no chance for anything to develop. Find another friend to confide in because apparently this friendship has been tainted with the rumors of the neighborhood. Co-workers? gym? social clubs?

Some people gets so jealous and starts a bunch of drama. This was not fair to you at all.