My ex boyfriend accused me of cheating. He believes i cheated because both of my very good friends went and told him that i did. They did this because they were mad at me that i was talking to one of the girls boyfriend on xbox, and i wasnt. Whenever i talked to this boy on xbox it was about how the one girl is talking to him and what he should do so he could get back with her cause they once dated. My one friend didnt know that thats what i was talking to him about and she found my ex boyfriends number and told him i was having sex with 2 guys while still dating him. I loved my ex boyfriend to death i did almost everything for him, but when he found out the fake news from my friends he went all crazy on me telling me im a *****, he made up a word about me on urban dictionary. I was sexually touched by my uncle and my ex said he couldn't believe he touched me after my uncle had done that because im disgusting. He took everything back he ever gave me and when he came he brought one of my friends that told him i was "cheating" . This is emotionally and physically breaking me down.
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you can find out why this friend did all with you by HelloSpy

Those people clearly were not your friends. <br />
<br />
You deserve better. Don't ever let anyone tell you any different. As long as you know the truth, you're going to be fine. Don't let trifling people wear you out.

UUGH! People are stupid alott!