Why Me?

let me start by, the love of my life is accusing me of having sexual intercourse with another guy because his little brother said so. i used to always hangout with this kid just to smoke and chill. but i stopped because my boyfriend started to get mad. & i'll do anything for him i didn't care.so the other day i smacked my bf's little brother for disrespecting me. i guess he got upset about it or something, that he started crying and swearing to my bf that i had sex with this other guy. he said that he was on the block with that kid his friend and some girl, and that that kid said i messed around with him. i was so shocked that the kid would even say that, or maybe his little brother is just making this up, i thought. so i texted the kid asking why would he ever make up a rumor like this about me. & he started to fully curse me out. i was so confused why would somebody lie and ruin such a beautiful relationship. now my bf never wants to talk to me. and i cant just go on without him, its highly impossible. please help me. :(
jmpx915 jmpx915
18-21, F
May 18, 2012