Me & My Best Friend Both Got Perfect Scores

I was accused of cheating in a chemisty exam because both me & my best friend got 100/100.

When called up to the teacher, I explained that 3 weeks ago we had had a test that had similiar questions, then the whole class went though all the answers 2 weeks ago. 

Unlike the rest of the class, only me & my friend actually remembered them.

It was really annoying that no one believed us. I ended up getting punished because my & my friend's memories were better than the rest of our class!

A couple of years later I remember going to the first meeting of everyone in our year who got scholarships, and everyone was surprise when we both turned up.

Clearly, as we were both really dippy, everyone thought we were blonde idiots. 

MadaManga MadaManga
22-25, F
Feb 25, 2009