Accuse the Accuser!

It's that same lame game... a few guys have accused me of cheating on them. But that was because they were cheating on me! I am the last one to cheat on anyone! I am very loyal. And if I did find someone that I liked more, and discovered that I had no feelings for whom I am dating, I still don't cheat... I just dump the guy and THEN move on. =p

Some of my so called female "friends" of the past, use to make fun of me for this. They would say, "how do you know if you really like the next guy or not? You should take the new guy for a test-run first and then dump the old one." I find this as disgusting, for me personally. I have never been a big believer in "having my cake and eating it too". :-/

And... I'm also a HUGE believer in Karma! I wouldn't want a guy to do that to me! I rather be dumped first, not still in a relationship with him, while he takes some girl on a "test-run". Cheating is cheating, no matter what excuse a person can come up with! =p

So... this is how I find out, when a guy is really cheating on me, when the accusations fly. And then I start asking around, about their behavior and find out... yes, they are cheating. That's why they're so adamant in pointing the finger at me. :-o

And then I dump them! Whoo-hoo! :-D

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3 Responses Feb 25, 2009

yeah, you think they cheat on you so you cheat on them again, that round will never end, unless you use HelloSpy to find what happen between you!

One of the first signs that someone is cheating on you is that their friends start making passes at you. They know something you don't.<br />
I know it sounds like a good idea to cheat when you do find out but it's you that has to live with yourself. cheating is tricky in itself. If your going to cheat or think you might- leave. Cheating is just not necessary in this day and age.

"You fear most in (an)other(s) what you distrust about yourself"<br />
<br />
Smart view-point, if a partner's accusing you of something, you may want to investigate what distrust they're hiding!