An ex thought I was cheating when I accidentally sent him a text that was meant for one of my female friends.  I said that she "missed out on cookies."  Because she wasn't in class, she missed out on chocolate chip cookies that a professor gave out in a class that we took together.  The ex thought that somehow the text was dirty.

And then a second time, the boy had the nerve to think that I was cheating on him when I was home all day and night after work.  He came home to me after he was spending time with a girl that I later found out he was cheating on me with, and he had the nerve to ask me if I was cheating.  

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you can show him that you do nothing, by HelloSpy

Usually the guilty accuse first unless they know for sure. That is the kind of man I am trying to destroy these days. Good for you

haha I will never get back with that dude. I gave him second chances but I got to a point when I just couldn't take it anymore and I kicked him to the curb.

"...they attach their actions and doubt onto you..."- flutterblyā€¯ is sooo right about this and it is true across the board for all humans. <br />
YeaOhYea you need to get guys who know how lucky there are to even be with you no matter what you do when you are not with them. YEA! <br />
You tell them from the get go that you are so desirable that all kinds of men will be wanting some of your sweet loving ALL the time and sometimes you can't help but feel sorry for a few that are so broke up...they can't sleep or eat. They are to DIE!<br />
You sometimes have to show mercy. Mmmmm YES. How ever they are lucky that you came back and they should reward you...DD

hehe i'm glad i got rid of him too :)