Math Exam.

I was accused of cheating on the end of year Math exam when I was in Fourth Form at High School (14yrs old).  I was never so good at math but really wanted to salvage as many marks as possible - so when I couldnt figure out a problem I wrote little notes trying to explain in words how I thought the answer should have been worked out.  I know this was a stupid idea - but I thought perhaps I could get some sort of credit for trying to figure the answer.

Instead I was pulled out of social studies and more or less interorgated by the Head of the Math Department and my teacher.  They thought that my notes were communication with my classmates.  I was in tears trying to explain myself.  They refused to let me see my paper - and I could hardly remember what I had written.  They denied my pleas to speak with the Fourth Form Dean or call my parents.  They handled it really badly.  It was an extremely humiliating experience and did nothing to improve my already dubious opinion of numbers!

It was all resolved extremely quickly though, my parents took the accusation very personally - as an attack on their character as well as mine.  They rung the school and had a meeting with the HOD and my teacher - who faced with angry parents could say very little to explain why they had accused me.  Comparison with the people I had been sitting near in the exam showed no similarities in answers.  The Dean - who knew me personally, was furious that it had happened the way it did - she was the only one from the school who offered any apology.

Anyone who has ever bothered to know me, knows Im the last person who would cheat on a test.

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I know how you feel. I was accused of plagiarism in college. They take it very very seriously. I was an emotionally wreck for days. I cried so much until I met with the Professor. I argued with him. I was not going down without a fight. Turns out it was a very small mistake that could have been taken care of through email and get this, he accused someone else of plagiarism! He didn't fact check and dove head first into it! At the end he made himself look stupid! What an idiot...

Thanks Moon - it was pretty awful at the time - but all past me now :)

I'm sorry you had to go through that it had to be very hard and painful to go through but at least it got taken care of.:)

Taking this to the whiteboard :)

Very nutto indeed! How are you doing this fine morning?? :D

Thanks Sugar. Ugh I know - I had a friend accused of plagarism for poetry writing in English and basically the reason was that the poem was too good! Nutto.

Oh what bullsh*t!!! Pardon the french lol.<br />
They TELL you to do that in exams... if you can't do it or you don't have time to, write the examiner a note to detail how you would/could. GAH! That must have been awful to go through, because when you are a kid, you can't argue with teachers. I'm so glad your folks got it sorted with the Dean's help. But aren't they just a bunch of dramatic idiots sometimes? My art teacher accused me of plagarism in a year 12 essay. According to her I was too articulate and had too many ideas LOL. Since when is that a BAD thing?! ROFL

Ahahaha I know - if it was cheating why didn't I rub out my 'cheat'? - give me some credit please! <br />
I guess they did think I was that stupid.<br />
Oh well, it was more years ago now than I like to think, and Im not scarred for life, its just something that happened once. So its ok.<br />
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Thanks for your comment :)

We were always drummed to show all our working out - in fact, if you put in all correct answer with no working out notes, you would barely get half marks! The majority of the marks are in the working out, so you did have a sensible idea.<br />
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It doesn't help that they even thought you were daft enough to leave "cheat papers" with the exam papers you handed in! <br />
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I'm glad you got an apology, even if it wasn't from the person(s) who should have been apologising.<br />
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It's a sad story - but at least you've learnt your parents are on your side ;)