Constant Accusations

 Since late December, I've been with a guy who has accused me of cheating since our second date. I should have known better than to stay with him, but he always cared for me, looked out for me, made sure I was eating okay, protected me when others tried to hurt me. He was in love with me, and I fell in love with him, too, unaware that his behavior would continue.

It's been a couple months now, and he hasn't changed at all. He calls me a liar, a cheater, and a ****, even though I've done nothing at all. I used to live with my godmom, but after he came by late at night twice, thinking I was cheating on him, she kicked me out. So he said we should move in together. But I still have to go to college, and that means being without him for a few hours, and that makes him mad. So every day, he's accusing me more and more, thinking I'm sleeping with all my classmates.

I can't answer the phone with he's around because he'll think I'm talking to the "other guy." I can't call anybody, either. And I can't NOT answer the phone because he'll think I'm hiding something, so now my social life is dead. He imagines what I could be doing during the day, then in the evening when I come back from class he acts like he loves me, only to call me a ******* prostitute and a ***** within minutes of my arrival.

I'm broke, alone, and homeless, and all I have are a few cases of clothes and my laptop. My best friends have all abandoned me, and all I have left is this guy who can't stand that I have a life of my own and dreams beyond the cage he's thrown me in.

I feel some guilt towards him, though, because no one ever had "The Talk" with me, and he suffered for it. Men have tried to run me over throughout my life, and this man tries desperately to prevent it from ever happening again. I never knew how to take care of myself until I met him, and unknowingly gave him a sexually transmitted disease.

Now I find out that he's been cheating on me for the past month with a girl who lives down the street, and because he's all I have left, I don't know if I should leave him and stand the loneliness, or stay with him and make his life as miserable as he's made mine.

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Mistress is right you need to get away from him and fast. Do it very soon, then go back and mend fences with your Godmother. <br />
<br />
You can get a life again, break out of the cage and get the police involved if need be.<br />
<br />
He is the hypocrite by cheating on you and you need to get him out of your life.

You are an important person. I know it sounds bad, but go to a womens shelter. He is mentally abusing you and maybe they can direct you to some assistance until you get it going again. He will never change and you are more important than to take this in your life. You have gotten into a habit of being around him, but if you can get away from him for a month, trust me, been there, you will see things from a whole new point of view.

He is cheating on you.