Condemned Without A Trial

I've been accused of cheating when I hadn't, and the sad fact is that there's no way to convince some people they're wrong once they've made up their mind about something.

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4 Responses Mar 13, 2010

yeah nobody can be comfortable in that shoe, but you can show that you didnt cheat, through HelloSpy

i have been dumped...3 months for the same thing...I was falsely accused of cheating...our entire circle of friends...know that he is wrong..I have been honest and faithful..yet he just forgot everything and said I cheated on hi by goin out on a date with sum guy(his friend was spying on me and came to this conculsion)..I tried every way possible to clear myself from that accusation only to be called a bloody liar and ***** he is in the arms of another girl(his new gf 10 days after our breakup...) he is willing to cheat on be with me..saying she knows abt it and is fine..with it..what ****** up **** that is...I m still sad..and in pain being called all that..i lost everything just cos of one day I decided to grab a can of juice with one of my guy friends..the irony is that..eventful day..I missed my bf a lot..I called him up in the afternoon talked with him..telling I wish he were with me...well..he couldnt appreciate me..:(

I dont want to think thats true i have been accused and am sure there is another reason,mind you i have no idea what. She has only accused me this once in the three years we had been together and i cant even see any sence in the accusation there is no proof or evidence and the accusation has now caused our break up. If someone says you are thinking about someone else thats cheating but how could she know that?

I was with someone once that accused me of cheating all the time. I couldn't even go out to dinner for a couple of hours with a girlfriend without getting accusations and interrigations, but it was him that seemed to have a problem being faithful. It made me come to the conclusion that when someone accuses you of something that you didn't do, maybe it is because they are doing something they shouldn't be and they are deflecting it onto you.