My Past

i was an addict and was ashamed to say it but now i feel good beacuse i now learned that i did something great for my self and for my family and not every one has the power to get out of drugs and have a normal life ive been clean for 9 years and every day i wake up i thank the lord for a new start in life and beliveme its not easy but god and looking at my kids in the face and seeing them so happy besides me is what keeps me going clean i would never change the life i have now for the one i had 9 years ago .its not easy but i am proud of what i am today and what i have acomplished and beliveme i know i still have a long way to go this is a never ending battle in life but like i said before its worth it
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Hi and congrats to being cean 9yrs.
I am on the subutex programme and waiting to get detox and rehab next year. I have been on and off for eight years and I am truly happy for you and it is humbling that someone has overcome addiction, especially the beast from the east.

Thnak you for sharing your story.

very happy for your recovery and new life,,

ty very much = )