It Started When I Was 17

i have cerebral palsy which means i'm in a wheelchair and i have constant leg pain when i was 17 my doctor prescribed me loratabs an xanax at first they helped alot just by taking a half but over time the pain got worse i was up to 2 pills a day one in the morning and at night but one day i noticed how good they made me feel and when i was in a depessed mood i would take them to put me in a good mood
and to help me get thru my tough days i will be 20 in august and only take 1 at night now to help me sleep but i'm glad it didn't get bad before i realized it,
JustChrisCarter JustChrisCarter
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1 Response Jun 14, 2012

Kudos for recognizing the warning signs early and having the determination to change your habits. I've lost a lot of friends to drugs (in the sense that they are so addicted, they are no longer recognizable as the people they were - lying, stealing, just wasting away). Almost all of them became addicted via presc<x>ription meds originally prescribed by a doctor but when the doctor took them away...they found other ways to score and eventually one pill leads to another and that led to dope and meth. I'm glad you were able to break the cycle before it really got its claws in you.

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