The Devil Created Xanax

Im 22 years old, the
first time i tried xanax was when i was about 16. From then i started popping sticks everyday. When i reached age 18 i was a crazy addict. Ive always had cars somehow god saved me multiple times because i would take up to 30 2mg xanax bars and go drive, most of the time i would blackout. Magically
I survived many accidents because of xanax. I ruined
my marriage and three serious relationships beforehand not to mention frienships. I was so addicted i would be popping 10-60 2mg xanax bars daily from the age 18-22. my goal was to go to med school but i dropped college at 20 because i would be so messed up and feening more and more. i was hospitilized three times because i would black out and go psychotic. Now recently i moved into my moms apartment to get clean because i cant afford rehab. The WITHDRAWALS are
hell!!!!! after taking insane amounts daily for years i had
five grand mal siezures unexpectadly from not taking xanax for only ONLY ONE WEEK now i get them legally prescribed 4mg a day i already swollowed two scripts in two days instead of taking 4mg a day. I see them i pop them 30 a day im scared of a siezure again because once i swollow the bottle in two days i withdraw for a whole month. I need rehab i cant do this myself im torturing myself PLEASE SAVE ME
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I know this post is a little old but recreational drug use is not considered "addiction".. ppl like u r irresponsible and weak minded. Who needs 30 xans a day? Blame no one but yourself

Hey Jay why don't you chop your head off with a machete you fukkin ****. If you consider that recreational you're a bigger fukkin idiot than you already lead on. Seriously, go get a machete and cut your head off or i'll come find you and do it for you, you stupid fukkin piece of ****. *** off and die.

Omg girl please seek out to someone close to you be a friend/relative because I know.the Dr refer you to a rehab. the excessive amount of Xanax you're taking could lead to devastating effects..

Thank you for caring :) i have nobody to reach out too ive lost so many close friends and my family took me back in so i can get clean but i cant open up to them about what im expierencing because they wont understand. I cant afford rehab i wish i did and went anywhere in america to an inpatient treatment center ... I wish

You can do it. Just be strong :)

Thank you . I am trying but i need help

I hope that nobody goes through this as much as i have im glad i came across this website that has people just like me who were or are addicted to xanax we should all suport one another in this battle

This is old post but I am experiencing the worst withdrawal ever from ativan.I took them at first for sezuires..then later had to have more no my body is breaking down.