Xanax Is Torture Please Help

I wrote devil created xanax, i need help to break a 10-60 2mg bar habit of 6 crazy years. Its been two months that i tried stopping cold turkey due to financial difficulties. I had five grand mal siezures and now expierencing mild psychosis, muscle spasms, irritability, insomnia, mild hallucinations, naseua, tiredness, depression, fatigue, confussion, hot cold flashes, jaw cletching its living hell!!!! Someone please send me to any inpatient treatment center with tappering off safely and detox!!!!!!! I cant afford it and have fidelis insurence i live in nyc but would go anywhere to do this safely !!¡¡ ill be very grateful
stacyyyg stacyyyg
22-25, F
Dec 7, 2012