Adopted By A Wonderful Cat

A few years ago there was a stray cat in the neighborhood who we started to leave food for. The cat eventually had kittens. With our cat having recently disspeared and eventuaaly being found nearly dead we decided to adopt one of the kittens. So we caught the kitten and brought it into our home. This is something we had done before with our previous 2 cats being strays that we had caught and adopted as kittens. several months later we decided to take both the kitten and the mother cat in to be fixed so there would be no more kittens. the vet told us to keep the mother cat inside the house for a few days so it could recover from the surgery. The mother cat apparently decided she liked our house and decided she wanted to stay and we are delighted to still have her almost 3 and a half years later. She is a funny cat who does not like to be carried around. If we sit down she is quite happy to jump up on our laps to be held but does not like to be carried around. She is nervous around people and mostly will run if she sees anyone.

Before we had adopted her at first she wouldn't let anyone near her but would come and eat the food that was left out. Eventually she became more used to me and my mother and 1 neighbor and would let us come closer. Eventually if we left the front door open she would sometimes come in and wander around exploring the house before running back out again.. When we too her to the vet to be fixed they said she was a perfectly healthy cat who he thought was about a year or so old at the time. We are delighted to have her and hope to have her for many years to come. Unfortunately her kitten which we had adopted was hit by a car a few months later.

Some advice for anyone considering adopting a stray cat. My family has had wonderful  experinces adopting over the years a total of 5 stray cats. 1 got sick while still a kitten and died. Another got hit by a car, but the other 3 were wonderful pets that we enjoyed very much and had them for years. 1 of them we are still enjoying. However any time you are trying to adopt a stray cat you see there are several things to consider. ! .particularly if you have children yo have to try to make sure this cat is not wild and might hurt someone. You or worse your children. 2. You should always take them immediatelyto the vet to make sure they do not have and disesases. that might be passes to you or any other pets you might have. Adopting a stray and giving them a good home can be a wonderful experience just as long as you are careful.

I have a friend who currently has 4 cats all of which started out as strays that she fed and then ended up adopting. She has never regretted any 1 of them though she does admit her house is getting crowded with cats and she cannot adopt any more.

My aunt who had never had a dog before and wasn't interested in getting any 1 day had a stray show up at her door. the dog was nearly dead from starvation and from being shot with a gun but my aunt saw it and couldn't stand to see it suffer so they took it to the vet and spent thousands of dollars saving its life and now that dog has become a member of their family that my aunt can not imagine being without. My aunt has also taken in numerous other strays over the years with more and more showing up at her house. She of course could not keep them all so she adopted 3 of them herself and called the animal shelter to take the rest. She has now become a part of an orginization called Rainbow rescue who takles stray or abandoned dogs and finds homes for them. They do a good work taking those dogs that no one wants and getting them the medical care they need and trying to find a good loving home for them.

charliew charliew
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Feb 18, 2010